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Laura & Chris

After a relaxing day with the kids, we left Leo with my sister and the four of us went downtown (Portland, Oregon) to celebrate the marriage of Mary & Steve's #3, Chris, to his beloved, Laura. I didn't bring a camera as I knew there would be several professionals, so the photos I am posting came from my iPhone, the wedding website or I stole them from friends on Facebook.

Before the wedding, Chris posed with his pretty sisters:

Chris (#3), Lynn (#1), Kelly (#2) and Cory (#4)

Drew, Grant, Alex, Chris, Waasil, Jake, Naser & Brandon

Chris also posed with his posse. This group met when they were in elementary school and are super close to this day... even through they live all across the country/world now and are pilots, realtors, hoteliers, engineers, doctors, marketing wizards, realtors and concert promoters. Chris is only the second in the posse to marry (Naser is married).

Laura and Chris chose a very unique theme for their wedding: Bridges. The engineer in Chris just loves bridges and they are both crazy for all the bridges in Portland. They chose a wedding venue with views to several bridges crossing the Willamette River. Instead of table numbers, guests were seated at tables named after Oregon bridges. We sat at the Burnside Bridge table.

And the place cards were clipped to a bridge!

What can I say? Nothing. There are no words.

There were a few tears of joy though.

Hamming it up in the wedding photobooth

Brandon, Cory, me & Woody

My Beautiful Family

We spiff-up pretty well, don't you think? Dave and I are so blessed to have such good friends in our lives. Now, another one of "our nine kids" has found a perfect partner. Three down, two planned, and four to go!

Lisa and Lenny will marry in 21 days!

Until my next update, I remain, your joyous correspondent.