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Last Night of Hanukkah 2.0

Los Angeles, California: We find ourselves, once again in Los Angeles, to spend time with our beautiful grandchildren. Though the eighth night of Hanukkah was last night, Lucy was under the weather (doing much better now), so we held the celebration and gift-giving until tonight.

You probably won’t be surprised everyone (except Lucy and I) will be attending the Rose Bowl football game New Year’s Day. The Oregon Ducks will face the University of Wisconsin. It’s on television, (2p pacific, ESPN) following the Tournament of Roses parade. Lucy and will watch the parade and game on TV in the comfort of Lisa and Lenny’s new house… while family and friends (college roomies in town!) will head over to the game early in the morning. (Not THAT early… the parking lot opens at 4a. FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! Why?)

Leo is so excited about the game – he has been sleeping in his Justin Herbert (Duck quarterback) jersey for days.

(That is a ceiling light fixture above Leo’s selfie. He has not been impaled.)

Lisa and Lenny are graciously hosting our friends New Years Eve for drinks and foods, so I brought our traditional New Year dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo and prepared it for everyone tonight. It is probably my best recipe, but so fat-laden, it is only prepared once per year… wisely, right before the resolutions begin.

After settling-in, Lenny and Dave went to the grocer to fetch a few things for Lisa and to get things for the pre-game parking-lot tailgate. While they were gone, Lisa, Lucy and I went out to their garden and PICKED AVOCADOS! First time I have ever picked an avocado. The kids have a massive avocado tree behind their house. All the neighbors have told them how wonderful the fruit is from their tree and how it produces so much, the past owners gave them away to anyone and everyone. They are not Haas avocados, but are equally delicious and quite a bit larger than a Haas:

I had brought the usual Caesar Salad to accompany our Fettuccine Alfredo. Lisa sliced one of her avocados into the salad. I tell you, so delicious. Like butter!

Guess what DT and I are bringing back to Indio?

After menorah lighting and dinner, the kids opened gifts from Bubbe and Bubba. I think we made Leo very happy with a Rose Bowl tee, Duck backpack and a new Duck lunchbox.

Lucy was very happy with her new jewelry box:

The box is from Pottery Barn and it was personalized with her name on the top of the box. Of course, she also received a few pieces of jewelry, including a strand of “pearls” and a unicorn necklace engraved with her name and birthstone.

Leo helped Lucy arrange the new jewelry box in her room… along with a lot of new Hatchimals she received (from others) over the holidays… as she posed in her new robe and…

… unicorn slippers. Except Lucy calls slippers “sleeping shoes” – makes sense to me.

Another great night with our family! Hanukkah is over – all systems are now focused on the Rose Bowl.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

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