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Knee Update/Pity Party

La Quinta, California: I was supposed to write a fun post about Mother's Day weekend in LA with the kids, but that weekend had to be cancelled. (Insert sad face here.) Bet y'all are missing photos of our adorable grandchildren, eh? Soon! They will spend Memorial Day weekend with us, when we celebrate Dave's birthday, Mother's Day, and observe Memorial Day.

Dave's birthday carrot cake will be recreated.

After waiting for weeks to have my painful left knee x-rayed, then waiting to speak to someone to show me the x-rays (he said my knees were fine, very little arthritis for a woman my age, and I'd probably never need a knee replacement), I was then sent for a MRI of the knee. I had to wait three weeks for the MRI appointment! After the MRI, I had to wait another ten days for someone to explain the results to me:

Torn meniscus.

I was given three options. 1) Do nothing. 2) Have a steroid injection to stop the pain, plus physical therapy, see how that goes and have surgery in the fall if I'm still debilitated. 3) Have arthroscopic surgery... and who knows how long I would have to wait for that? After talking to the doctor and My Driver Runner (who has torn both of his menisci), I have opted for Door #2 - the injection and therapy and see how it goes throughout the summer.

Mostly, I just want the pain to go away.

I will have the steroid injection Monday. My Driver will drive me, and hold my hand while someone sticks a needle into my knee. Fun times. By the way, someone stuck a needle in my arm yesterday! We both had our second Moderna boosters! We could have had these injections earlier, but hedged our bets, trying to get boosted as close as possible to our RV trip to Oregon - beginning 3 June. Yes! So excited. Near-daily blog posts with photos of something other than food?

Speaking of food, I made Hot Browns for Derby Day - and mint juleps, of course. (The mint is out of control in our little kitchen garden.) For the open-faced sandwiches, I used white bread, sliced deli turkey, heirloom tomatoes, a cheddar mornay sauce, and turkey bacon. Delish.

I made my own Mother's Day dinner. (Pity Party continues.) I had this idea to make little cups with Parmesan cheese, and have a Caesar salad "spilling" out from the bowl.

The shredded cheese was sprinkled over the bottom of a non-stick 8-inch omelet pan. When melted, I lifted the cheese CAREFULLY from the pan in one sheet, and placed it over a very small upside-down bowl. It molded itself over the bowl and when cooled was pretty-close to what I was hoping for. The cheese bowls were very delicate and could easily shatter. The cherry tomatoes are from our pots in the courtyard.

Mother's Day dinner was old-school chicken parmesan - except cooked in the air fryer. Strawberries for dessert.

Dave and I are feeling okay after our COVID boosters yesterday, but are sore at the injection site. Happy to "suffer" through this inconvenience to protect ourselves during a pandemic.

I will try to update after my steroid injection Monday. No photos of a needle jabbing into my swollen (yet somehow still wrinkled) knee. I promise.

Until my next update, I remain, your hobbling correspondent.

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  1. My experience with the 1st steroid shot (bone on bone, not a torn meniscus) was almost miraculous–excellent pain relief. It lasted about 5 or 6 months and did result in a new knee for me. Hope you get the results you want and are able to do everything you want to in Oregon. Best wishes, Dione (a very occasional commentor but faithful reader)

  2. Love the parmesan bowl you made! My husband had a torn meniscus too. He loved the shots because they worked, until they didn’t and he got two knew 1/2 knee replacements. I hope it works for you. It’s miserable when we hurt. Feel better!

  3. So sorry you’re having knee issues. We’ve both had knee pain/surgery (ex ice hockey players) so we know it stinks. Hoping the shot provides you relief and therapy keeps you out of surgery.

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