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Just Did It

Indio, California: Dear Reader, this morning I finished my goal of covering 100 miles in December - with one day to spare! - for a pledge to the Oregon Food Bank. I have also decided to slip a few bucks to the local NPR station, KPCC (90.3 KVLA in the Coachella Valley), as they entertained and educated me through many of the miles. Though pleased, I have no desire to ever do this again, and I am way-too excited to be taking the next two days off.

Our GrandDawg, Reese, has been protecting us from the marauding mating white beasts. The birds land on a nearby boat dock and Reese starts a deep growl. Then a little yip. Not really a bark.

Reese does not like the birds anywhere near our dock!


The bird flies half-way down the canal, yet Reese is still on-guard, protecting us from who-knows. Good job, Reese!

DT and I have been busy the past few days preparing for visitors. I have been baking cookies and a cake. New Year stew finished and in the freezer. Champagne chilled.

Spiderman plate, spoon & fork!

Lisa, Lenny & Leo arrived this afternoon to celebrate the New Year with us and to bring Reese back to Los Angeles... because, really, who doesn't want to spend New Year's Eve with their parents?

Leo "drove" the golf cart down to visit Crystal and Brent. Leo "drove"  the motorhome (sat in the drivers seat and may have honked the horn). We watched the Oregon Ducks beat Texas in the Alamo Bowl and had Skirt Steak Tacos... except Leo, who dined on a scrambled egg, toast and cheese.

More adventures (and better photos of Leo) planned tomorrow.

SLOGGER REPORT: I ran six laps around this end of the canal. 3 miles for the day; 100 for the month. Not going to run again until next year.

Until my next update, I remain, your 100-mile correspondent.

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