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It’s Always Something

Indio, California: Warning - this column is just a mish-mash hodge-podge of discombobulation. Or some-such nonsense.

The plan was for the kids to come out for our last weekend in Indio. Lenny and Dave were going to play golf. Leo was going to ride his new trike on the paths. Lisa and I were going to prepare a special dinner - it's Bubba's Birthday.

Still not using the pedals

But guess what? We are getting another sand storm this weekend. 25mph winds. Maybe even a little rain so everything can be filthy and spotted. 

It's always something.

No matter. There is no way we are heading out on a month-long RV adventure without seeing our family one more time. So, we are packing up the party and taking it to Los Angeles Saturday morning.

We've had one last boat ride with Captain Jim and Mary:

Whenever we cruise through this beautiful resort, with the pretty views from the water, I have to pinch myself - we are so lucky to live here much of the year.

The boat names amuse me...

...and confuse me.

Another fun evening - thank you Mary & Captain Jim.

Another nice thing? I harvested our first cherry tomatoes!

We had a crew come in and clean the casita and covered pavilion yesterday, and we had a crew clean the interior of our coach from top to bottom. They steamed the tile, steamed the little strip of carpeting on the slide room, steamed the shower, treated the cabinets and treated the leather. Our bus looks like new.

Since the kids weren't coming, Dave and I spent about an hour yesterday moving our outdoor kitchen into boxes and then placing the boxes in the casita for storage over the summer. We have such a small inventory for the outdoor kitchen, everything fits into an 18-inch wide closet:

We had a problem this morning - we could not open the drop-down screens to gain entry to our shade structure. None of the remotes worked. I tried an exterior electrical outlet and it had no juice.

Just a flipped breaker. Not a problem, except the circuit breaker box is inside the casita. We were locked out.

It's always something.

But we had some luck this time. Our contractor (he built-out our site two years ago) had a crew working a few sites down and one of the guys volunteered to check out our situation. Our luck continued as the window to the casita was not locked, thank goodness, so we were able to climb inside the casita, reset the breaker and all was well.

Or... all was well for about 30 seconds, when we heard the breaker trip again. So Rueben, our contractor's head electrician came over. Fifteen seconds later, Rueben (I swear Rueben is a genius, he can figure out anything) decided there was water inside the floor outlet (no doubt from all the hosing-off we and the cleaning crew have done lately). True, Reuben wired our entire building, but how did he know there was water in the floor outlet under our sofa... which would cause our wall screen breaker to trip? Like I said, genius. The floor outlet was opened up, dried out, resealed with silicone and now we are good to go.

The rest of the day was filled with exercise, more organizing and one last trip to Tacos Gonzalez.

Dang, I'm going to miss my $1.79 chicken tacos.

I also did a little baking.

Because it's just not a party without a chocolate-crusted cheesecake cake.

Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your lucky correspondent.

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