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Bubba’s Birthday

Indio, California: Dave and I made a quick overnight to Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday with our family and to avoid another sand storm here in Indio.

Lisa and Lenny really made a big-deal of Dave's Big Day and had the house decorated with streamers, balloons and banners.

Our Girl, who still doesn't feel much like cooking (5 months along with a baby girl and is just not feeling well), still prepared a gourmet feast for her Dad.

Lisa grilled Steaks with Melted Anchovy + Rosemary from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook, and served it with roasted broccoli rabe. I contributed an avocado & tomato salad - made with tomatoes from our little garden in Indio!


The Birthday Boy just loved his dinner and opened fun and fabulous gifts - including a card from Leo with a dancing and singing hamburger (the top bun bounces up and down). The hamburger sings "happy birthday to all" at the end of the verse, but it sounds like he is saying "happy birthday Miguel"... which gave us all a huge laugh. Of course, Leo, pushed the little blue button on the card a zillion times over the evening and squealed with delight every time. Click here to hear the ridiculous song... and if I could be so bold as to suggest you turn the computer volume down if at work and... more unsolicited advice... do not show this to a toddler, or you will be doing nothing else for the next hour. Or two. LisaLeo found it at Target.

And it wouldn't be a birthday party without a cake - the same New York-style cheesecake I bake for My Old Husband every year.

All the cool people were at the Atwater Village Farmers Market this morning:

The really cool people were shopping with their reusable grocery bags and sucking their thumbs.

We went to the very fun and funky little diner, Fred62, for lunch before driving back to Indio. I tried something new - their Pastrami Short Rib Sandwich - slow-smoked pastrami, pecan cole slaw, jalapeno pickles, spicy mustard on a potato roll. It was, without a doubt, one of the finest things I have tried in a while. Wow. $11.

They cure and smoke the beef short ribs in-house. In the parking lot actually. The short ribs melt in your mouth with a moist, smoky yumminess and the pickles, slaw and jalapenos add a spicy-sweet-crunchy contrast. Highly recommended, by me.

It was so sad saying goodbye to our wonderful family today - we won't see them again for too-many weeks. We are going to miss a certain little guy very, very much.

Our drive back from Los Angeles was quick and we arrived to find our campsite coated in another film of sand. Time to get out of town. Time to point the bus out of the Coachella Valley. Time to head home.

Until my next update, I remain, your weekend correspondent.

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