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It Takes a Thief

Mother Nature can be so mean. She teased us yesterday with a gorgeous afternoon and now we are back to the same old cold grey rain. Just a constant drizzle, broken by occasionally pounding rain.

This is not a black & white photo.

Okay. It is.

With my cold - which has now moved directly on to the bronchitis stage - keeping me at home, I thought I would have time today to bake a loaf of bread, take several naps, read the magazines that have stacked up, knit for my future little grandson... but I can't. No. It takes a thief to ruin my day. I was on the phone and on-line changing credit card numbers for hours because yesterday some #$$@&!* tried to use my credit card number (I have the card in my possession) to purchase toys online - so American Express cancelled my card.

It is impressive Toys R Us realized the charges were fraudulent and denied the purchase. It is impressive American Express delivered a new card to my door within a few hours. But what an extreme hassle for the poor innocent card holders who have to change all the bills automatically charged to credit cards. In 2010, over 11 million people in the United States had their credit cards/numbers stolen! 

I have eight different bills automatically charged to that card every month, so you can imagine all the fun I had today. Steam is coming out my ears! Buying toys with a stolen credit card number? Wow, that is a new low.

In my little brain, I imagine the culprit looked something like this:

I dun gonna go buy a wholemessa crap and fence it fer drug money!

Except in my version he has rotting meth-infested teeth.

In reality, there is a also a good chance the thief looked more like this:

I wonder what Little Johnnie would like for his birthday this year?

Either version, you get this when Little Johnnie finds out his Daddy is going to prison or Granny isn't getting him anything for his birthday:

Until my next update, I remain, your ticked-off correspondent.