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Is it Saturday again… already?

Track Town USA: Unbelievably we were back at Autzen Stadium today for the University of Oregon v Washington State football game. Our mini-trip up to Seattle made the week just fly-by, and suddenly it was Saturday once again. The weather was dodgy all day - sun, rain, clouds, fog - you name it, we had the weather. My brother sent a text message that it was snowing in Bend, Oregon. In October?

We spent the morning in the motorhome at the RV park (Premier RV Resort at I-5, exit 199) and had a most interesting experience! A very nice couple has purchased our "old" RV - the lovely 2004 Country Coach Intrigue that we drove for five years/50,000 miles. We traded-in the Intrigue for the Magna Peregrinus. The new owners had spoken with us last week and we were so happy to meet them in person! Of course I gave them a Camping Journal as a bus-warming gift!

Also this morning, we had a tech come to the RV park to fix a few little things, tweak a few things and answer a dozen questions we had on our motorhome. If you don't read this blog often, you may not know that our new RV is an orphan. No warranty. No support. Nothing from Country Coach. Country Coach has closed and will most-likely be forced into real bankruptcy (not reorganizational bankruptcy) after a hearing October 22. Anything goes wrong with our coach, we must figure out how to repair it ourselves, or find someone to fix it for us. Since we are all-thumbs, we luckily have a great list of techs and gurus throughout the country to help us with our problems.

At two o'clock we packed it all up and headed over to Autzen Stadium to enjoy what would turn out to be our largest tailgate ever. With three families hosting, more than 60 people stopped by, we fed about 40 of them and I think 5,000 of them wanted a tour of the Magna Peregrinus. We had great weather during the entire tailgate and game - but it became pretty cold when the sun set. Kick-off was at 6:15p.

All set-up and ready for guests

Cory (right) and her friends flew in from Las Vegas for the game

The menu for today was chicken rice bowls. We had white rice and brown basmati rice and Woody stir-fried 15 pounds of spicy marinated chicken. There were veggies to add to your bowl (think Chinese smorgasbord) and my Spicy Asian Slaw, and assorted condiments. Very fun and easy.

Marinated and stir-fried - chicken for lunch

Our neighbors did not show up today - so we had a lot of room

Awesome tailgating vehicle - puts us to shame.
They also have a choo-choo train whistle (instead of a horn).

Autzen Stadium at sunset

Do you remember last year when we went up to Pullman, Washington for the game and then continued touring around the Great State of Washington for another ten days or so - our "Loose in the Palouse" tour? We beat the Cougars 64-14 on their field. Tonight was looking to be another whomping. The Ducks were ahead 42-0 at half-time. Truly ugly. 

Seems the most exciting thing about the game was a "fly-over"... but not of the military sort. Horizon Air (off-shoot of Alaska Airlines) has painted four of their jets in the school colors representing the University of Oregon, some school in Corvallis, Washington State and the University of Washington. Tonight they flew the Duck plane around Autzen Stadium before the game!

Horizon Air University of Oregon themed plane (photo courtesy of Horizon Air)

Final score 52-6. 

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.