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In Recess

Sunday | 18 October 2020 | La Quinta, California: After 38 days of Taylor Academy & Swim School, the kids have returned to their home in Los Angeles. We are in recess. (For a bit. They will return in a few weeks.)

Our wild hot tub parties are over for a while.

My Pandemic/Medicare Birthday was celebrated last week. Gorgeous flowers were delivered and everyone raided my greeting card box, so I was given very pretty birthday cards. Lucy created a book of interior house photos (?) to give to me. Yeah, I had to cook my own dinner - but it was a good one - complete with homemade chocolate chip ice cream:

After dessert, I was entertained with a piano concert from Leo. He was sneaky, carting his keyboard in the family room, for his performance. Then Lucy sang a song she had written (on the fly) for my special day. Both performances were captured on iPhone video, but I can't figure out how to post vertical videos on this blog. Working on it!

The Cafeteria Lady made a special lunch for the last lunch (Friday, 16th). I baked a loaf of plain-old buttermilk bread - the bread Lisa just loved as a kid.

Then I made heart-shaped sandwiches (cream cheese and jam) with the bread, sliced them in half to signify "my heart is breaking" because you are leaving.

I cried when they left, but since they will return soon, can enjoy a "recess" for a while to recharge. Until my next update, I remain, your resting correspondent.