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In Lincoln with Family

Lincoln, California:  We arrived to Lincoln Thursday afternoon and are "camped" (meaning dry-camping) in the tour bus parking area at Thunder Valley Casino. We had dinner with our niece, Meghan, and her wife, Jamie, at a local restaurant... but the dining room was so dark, I didn't even attempt to take a photo. The young couple are doing so well and it was fabulous to be able to spend the evening with them.

Thursday sunset in Roseville

We spent today with Brother Steve and Gina, exploring the area around Lincoln, California. The weather was just outstanding - 75 degrees - with clear skies. Lincoln is a super cute town. Though the downtown area is just a few blocks long, the streets are lined with beautiful old brick buildings.

After a stroll around town and lunch at Los Gallos Taqueria, we headed out to the countryside and made a few stops on the way to Gina and Steve's ranch.

We first stopped to Goat House Brewing Company. This place is fairly new. They grow their own hops and brew the beer on-site... and there are goats out back:

And pigs:

Momma and her three babies

And, of course, beer inside:

Brother Steve and Gina

We made another stop to a local vineyard, Wise Villa Winery. Just a few years ago, there were no vineyards in the area around Lincoln. Now, they are everywhere. Wise Villa was more Napa-than-Lincoln. Fancy. (You will have to trust me as I forgot to take photos.)

Our last stop was to our favorite restaurant in Lincoln - Gina's Kitchen. Our sister-in-law is just an amazing cook and she grows nearly everything they eat. Gina and I joked that we are the opposite in the grocery store: I go around the outside of the aisles, buying fresh vegetables and fruits, while Gina only needs to go down the middle aisles, buying salt, rice and spices. She grows or barters produce for most other things - meat, wine, olive oil - they need. Besides the vegetable garden, they have so many fruit trees - apples, oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, to name a few.

Her garden is huge, and though it may look a bit slow in November, there is still plenty of food to eat from the summer bounty (even tomatoes!) and Gina has just planted winter crops like spinach and broccoli. Now they have a lot of different squash available.

There are goats and turkeys living on the property behind them and the critters have learned Generous Gina will share a bit of her vegetables. When the animals see her in the garden, they rush to the fence. The turkeys puff up their feathers and gobble gobble gobble over for a hand-out.

I believe these birds are both female, due to the light-colored tips on the feathers and the lack of beards on the chests... but if any of you know better, please comment below. Either way, turkey are a vile-appearing bird. Do not feel guilty eating one at the end of this month.

Gina and Steve have the most beautiful piece of paradise. Ten acres of fields, pastures, ponds and produce.

DT, heading down to the pond

Steve made a beautiful centerpiece for the table and has dried corn stalks at several decorative locations throughout the property. They grew everything!

Gina roasted a chicken, roasted butternut squash and made a salad with greens from her garden. Dessert was an apple cake made with her own apples.

What a great few days spent with Dave's family!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.