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In Denver with Family

Denver, Colorado: Oh, thank you, Mr. RVer from Massachusetts, for starting your engine at 5:22a and warming it for 27 minutes.

Dave and I went on a five mile walk with Kris & Steve this morning along a mostly-paved trail following a creek. We followed the trail from the campground up into Manitou Springs.

There are several springs (note round brick building on right). This spring is Cheyenne Springs.
The water is called a "soda" spring as it is high in soda.

There is a lot of art installed along the trail

Myron Stratton drilled this spring in 1935. It also is a soda spring and produces 2 gallons per minute.

After our walk and showers, we met in town for coffee and breakfast. Dave had a conference call, which he had to take while sitting in our car... driving around to find a strong enough cell signal to place the call.

We hitched up and headed towards Denver. Kris snapped this photo with her phone as they passed us on I-25:

Dave pulled in front of my brothers house to spend the night. 15 seconds later, Kris began receiving text messages from her neighbors demanding tours!

At 6p, DT fired-up the generator. We put out the slides, put up the TV dish and opened the Magna Peregrinus for a one-hour open house. Cocktails were served. It was fun to meet the neighbors and fun to show-off our beautiful motorhome!

Kris made (from scratch) four different pizzas and a huge fruit platter for dinner. Both of their children came for dinner (with their significant others). It was wonderful to see our niece, Delaney, and our nephew, Michael.

Back row: Bailey, Delaney, Lisa, Michael
Front row: me, Kris, Steve, DT

Of course, we took a selfie.

Pedometer: over 17,000 steps; nearly 8 miles - plus 28 flights of stairs.

Until my next update, I remain, your Denver correspondent.

RV PARK: Baby Bro's house.