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How’s This Blog Working For You?

Newport, Oregon: We woke to terrible fog, but by the time coffee was brewed, the sun was chasing the fog away.

Fog, fog - go away

Rosehips along the marina

Another rare sunny day on the Oregon Coast!

Not so soon, Grasshopper.

Within the time it took me to finish a cup of coffee and get ready for my run, the Newport area was again completely socked-in! Dave and I threw-on jackets and hit the trail. I just love running down the jetty at the mouth of the bay.

Pretty foggy

Bridge barely visible from near mouth of the jetty

Under the bridge

Bay Bridge

NOAA boats parked in the bay - note heron, bottom right

10,000 steps later, I was ready for some grub. (DT covered significantly more miles.) (Show-off.)

Today we tried a restaurant recommended to us by a stranger. It seemed fairly upscale, with a pretty dining room and windows overlooking the ocean. Imagine my disappointment when I was served boring, gummy fish and chips. Couldn't I buy this same frozen stuff at a supermarket in Cleveland? So sad.

And our waiter was so annoying. I bet he did not leave us alone for more than two minutes at a time. He asked us how the day was working for us. We ordered beers. He sat the beers down. We sipped. One minute later he stopped by the table and asked, "How's that beer working for you?" Really? How the heck do you think it's working for me? It's a BudLight. Seconds later, he came back by the table and asked if I would likeanother beer. With 95% of the beer remaining in my glass? That would be no. Of course, I am too polite to actually say the things I am thinking to the waiter. (But not too polite to report my evil thoughts to you, Dear Reader!)

After our food was delivered, our server asked us how our lunch was working for us. I suddenly wished for the power to projectile vomit on command.

On our way back to the car, I hoped DT hadn't left a very big tip. He said he left a too generous 15%... but jokingly muttered under his breath, "How's that 50-cent tip working for you..."

After that fine dining experience, we pointed the Honda north and went up to Depoe Bay to see what we could see on this foggy day.


Harbor Seals

Harbor entrance, looking west

Harbor entrance, looking east

Depoe Bay

Dave and I spent quite a bit of time in the whale watching center on Depoe Bay. I can't even count how many times we saw Grey Whales spouting and coming up out of the water! So interesting. The ranger told us there are several hundred whales residing along this portion of the Oregon Coast all summer - they do not continue north towards Alaska to feed, but find enough food here. About this time, they begin their trek south to winter in Baja (even whales are snowbirds!). We finished our visit to Depoe Bay with a little walk along the boardwalk.

Depoe Bay tourist shops

Ainsley's Saltwater Taffy (my parents brought me here when I was a girl)

If you don't have a hand-bobbling figurine of the Pope or Queen Elizabeth,
there is a shop in Depoe Bay... $19.95... at least no sales tax in Oregon!

Marionberry Pie ice cream, made by Tillamook Creamery

As we headed back to our RV, we stopped at several scenic turnouts and saw whales at every stop! Amazing - they were everywhere. I did not have my massive DSLR camera, but still managed a few shots with my Sony NEX-7... and... Photoshop:

The whales were so close to shore - it was easy to spot them

Hey, Lady, here's a little something for your blog.

View from Cape Foulweather - named by Captain James Cook on a particularly nasty day in March 1778.

Of interest to My Readers who actually RV, we stopped at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort for a drive-through tour. Lots are offered for sale or rent. We had heard the place was not doing well, that some lots had fallen into the sea and lots were selling at rock-bottom prices. (I checked on Zillow and found several lots for sale under $16,000; HOA fees are - I believe - $300 per month and include everything - gated security, water, sewer, cable, wifi, garbage, indoor/outdoor pools, spas, etc. - except electricity.) The majority of the resort did not seem run-down to me, but the restaurant closed several years ago and a portion of the campsites have been completely abandoned, tagged as "future development". The rest of the resort is looking very good and sites were pretty-well occupied. Pacific Shores is open to Class A and C motorhomes over a certain length and certain condition. The friendly staff were very accommodating to us and answered our questions. I can't recommend or not recommend this resort, as we haven't stayed there in years. It is too far from town for us... and ocean view sites rent for $90 per night.

Though I have already posted 20+ photos above, here are a few more of battered and deep-fried food:

Tuna fish & chips

Rockfish fish & chips

Okay, so we don't eat the chips... but still not the healthiest of choices, no matter how far we jogged. Just can't help to order fish and chips on the coast and we were pretty hungry after not eating our lunch choices. Tonight we went to another restaurant recommended by another stranger - Gino's (in historic old town) fish and chips weren't bad, they just weren't good. So sad as the fish is super fresh - just off the boat - but the batter was just that. Battery. No crispness at all. How hard can it be, people? Forget about waiting fifteen minutes for our rockfish ceviche. Waitress then reported they were out of ceviche. Come on!

I will leave you this evening with a (positive vibe!) photo of the cutest little girl in the whole wide world - wearing a little tank top we bought in 1980 in The Philippines for her Momma.

Lucy - is there anything cuter than baby finger dimples?

Little Butterball is nearly a month old and already 8 pounds!

Don't forget to ask for a postcard, if you would like something in your mailbox that isn't a bill.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-worked correspondent.

RV PARK: Port of Newport Marina and RV Park. Full hookup, pull-through with 50 amps, cable, free wifi. We are paying $39 per night with Good Sam discount.