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Springville, Utah: Another driving day, but what a beautiful drive north on Highway 89 towards The Great Salt Lake. Stunning views all days. Some agricultural land, some ranch land, but most was through Forest Service and other public lands. Highway 89 follows the Sevier River (a north-flowing river) and passes through pretty little towns settled my - guess what - Mormon pioneers. So many of the houses are brick, ancient and very well maintained:

We reached Salina, Utah just in time for lunch at Mom's Cafe. Dave had read that Mom had passed away and the restaurant is under new ownership. We had not dined here since 2005, but things looked the same inside.

Nothing fancy, but clean and the servers are very friendly. Mom's Cafe is famous for a fried-dough disk they call a scone. No one in Scotland or the United Kingdom would recognize Mom's scone as one. To me, it is a sopaipilla, or even an elephant ear without the cinnamon sugar. Slightly sweet, the scones at Mom's are served with a disgusting chemical-laden honey-butter "topping". Avoid the "topping", but try the scone.

We have been to Mom's twice previously and ordered burgers. The burgers are really good and inexpensive.

Now that's a burger!

For some reason DT decided to try the special - Chicken Pot Pie:

Dave commented the mashed potatoes were cold. Not lukewarm, mind you, but cold like from the fridge. He found a big chicken thigh bone in his casserole and that seemed to be about the extent of the chicken in the chicken pot pie. He also said a can of peas had to give up its life for his lunch. I can't think of anything more disgusting than this dish. Canned peas? Dave did eat some of the pot pie, but did not complain to the waitress when she asked about our lunch. So, whattayagonna do?

I would stop to Mom's Cafe again, but I'd have the burger. They just automatically bring the scone to every table free of charge. Don't be fooled by a restaurant claiming to have "home made" food. A restaurant is not home.

We checked into a campsite just south of Provo, Utah and spent the rest of the day with Chris & Laura. Remember how we took Mary & Steve's #4, Cory, out to dinner last week in Las Vegas? Chris is Mary & Steve's #3. (#1 and #2 live in Portland.) We love to see the kids whenever and wherever we can!

The kids were married last September

Laura made a huge platter of (home made, in her home) manicotti, a Caesar salad and bread.

For dessert they served ice cream with strawberries and home made rosemary shortcake! Great combination.

After dinner we all drove to a recreation center in Spanish Fork to watch Laura play centerfield for the Black Unicorns.

Laura can't be five feet tall, yet she could whack that bat! She made it to first base all but one at bat, scored three runs, and the Black Unicorns won the game.

A great night with the kids!

Until my next update, I remain, your Motherly correspondent.

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