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Home Away From Home

Indio, California: A not-fun day of driving along too-familiar highways in too-familiar wind. 260 miles traveled, we have arrived to our new "home-away-from-home" in the desert. Our contractor has been quite busy finishing-up tasks, so there are just a few more things to check-off the to-do list.

It was a little cloudy and in the mid-70's when we arrived at 2 o'clock this afternoon. I will never grow tired of this beautiful vista.

We are very excited that our drop-down screens have been installed! The screens provide shade and protection from the desert wind. They operate via remote control. We now have so many remote controls, we need a remote control to organize our remote controls.

Just kidding.

But it would be a good idea.

Notice the huge pots at the base of each pillar? We have three pillars and two pots. Still waiting for the third pot. I am waiting to fill the pots with gravel and soil until I see the third pot... just in case. The pots have drainage and irrigation and electricity if we need to light the pots. (Not.) I will fill the pots with herbs and other things to eat.

Our contractor has finished-off the brick at the alcove that will one-day hold Dave's BBQ grill. Think of all the good meals My Driver will prepare on the yet-to-be-purchased grill!

Our lawn has grown to a lush thick green carpet. Ready for Leo!

While we were away the past few weeks, Culligan installed a whole-house water filter. The water in the Coachella Valley is wicked hard. It pits the glass in the shower and puts a crusty-crud on glasses in the dishwasher. With our water softening/filtering system, we can now drink water from the tap (in the RV and the casita), and use ice from the ice makers and will no longer have to dry the shower stall with a towel.


We spent the late afternoon putting our campsite back together, dusting, dusting, dusting, dusting, dusting, dusting and then we did some dusting. Mary and Steve gave me the pretty sofa pillow for my birthday - it matches P E R F E C T LY - and tomorrow morning the remainder of the furniture we ordered last month will be delivered. Tomorrow we will also purchase a television (Costco!) and it will be installed behind the gas fireplace.

I promise photos.

Our New Favorite Thing is our nightly video-chat (via iPhone) with The Cutest Baby Ever. Leo gets so excited and actually squeals when he sees us. Well, probably not us. Probably Leo is just squealing because he is 15 months old and has more energy than a Coachella Valley wind turbine. Still, we love any contact we can have with Our Precious Boy.

Exhausted after our drive, dusting and organizing, we spiffed ourselves up a very little bit and went up to the just-opened club house for dinner. New management. New menu. We are very excited about the new developments and the new wine list! Our club house has such a beautiful dining room, with spectacular views.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

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