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Home Again

Seems we have been gone one month and one day and our world has changed so much - our only child is married and we have happily welcomed Lenn into our family fold at one of the best wedding EVER! I have celebrated another birthday. Woody & Kathy have a new granddaughter. We hosted Olympians at our tailgate party. 

And that was just October.

Since our RV was stuffed with Oregon wine for Lisa & Lenny's wedding, we didn't have room to bring our golf clubs, bicycles, stuff, junk, etc., for a winter away. Plus, DT had University of Oregon Trustee meetings and we were asked to host the athletes yesterday... so we headed back to Oregon... the only RV pointed north. It is very sad. The Portland weather is just miserable. Pouring sheets of rain. 50 degrees. By three o'clock this afternoon, it seemed "dark" already.

A deer stopped by to welcome us home. She stood in our field in a downpour. I felt so bad for her and suggested she would prefer to go into our garage and dry-off for a bit... but she just ran off, through the brush, into our forest... which I suppose, is herforest. In reality, she was probably on her usual route across our driveway and was confused about the 45-foot motorhome dropped in her path.

Dave & I do not plan to remain in Oregon long. Hopefully only for a week or so. Our route south will depend upon the weather, how many mountain passes are closed due to snow and, naturally, the Oregon Duck football schedule.

It is nearly time (November 1st) for another fun-filled RV Goddess Newsletter. (Try to contain your excitement!) My November newsletter recipe is one of our family favorites and just perfect for cold fall/winter evenings: Acorn Squash Stuffed with Mediterranean Meatloaf. If you do not yet receive the monthly RV Goddess newsletter, sign-up here.

My Driver is most happy this evening, as his San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Ah, the Boys of October!

Until my next update, I remain, your soggy correspondent.