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Home Again

215 days, 4021 miles, and we are right back where we started.

Everything is in order, but our old maple looks a bit sad after losing a few limbs in a storm a few weeks ago.

It certainly opens-up the skyline behind the house though.

Lots of things have changed while we were away. New houses are being built at the bottom of the hill. Shops have closed. Shops have opened. Leo changed from a baby to a little boy!

Leo - when we started our trip, and last week

Happily, our little grocer is still the same. Even better. So happy to be able to shop at the fabulous New Seasons Market, where food is... well, food!

I was also jonesing for another local Portland company - Pizzicato.

Mary and Steve met us for dinner at Pizzicato and DT snapped a photo of Mary and I:

Didn't we just have our photo taken together yesterday?

Until my next update, I remain, your Portland correspondent.