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Highways, Humiliation & Heidi

Corning, California: First, a forgotten comment from last night. When we deployed the satellite television dish, after having it sit idle for two months, it locked-on immediately and we enjoyed beautiful HD television. When we deployed the satellite internet dish, it locked-on immediately and we were surfing. I just love when all this expensive technology actually works!

This morning we woke to cold fog and I could not talk myself into leaving the heated tile floors inside our RV to go for a run. Of course, My Driver put in four miles... around and around and around the RV resort. I shipped orders and drank coffee.

Our drive today was mostly uneventful. (Well, there was some excitement when a bay door flew open while we were cruising south on I-5 at 60mph. Luckily, we were at an easy and safe spot to pull-over and luckily it was the door to the generator compartment and nothing loose went flying!) We were treated to glorious views of snow-capped Cascade peaks:

In southern Oregon: Mt. McLoughlin (9,495 ft) through the windscreen

Then we crossed the border and a California Agricultural inspector boarded the Magna Peregrinus to fondle our lemons, limes and oranges. Nothing confiscated today.

We stopped for lunch at a "vista point", and I snapped a photo of Mt. Shasta, at 14,179 feet, the second-tallest peak (second to Mt. Rainier) in the Cascade range.

Mt. Shasta

DT does a safety inspection during our lunch stop

And just for fun... Mt. Shasta in black & white

Late afternoon, we arrived at one of our favorite over-night stops - the self-serve RV park at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, California. Full-hookup campsites, but no-frills. No attendant or RV park office. Just like a parking lot, you put your credit card or cash into an automated machine inside a kiosk - and a ticket pops out. You place the ticket in your windscreen and grab an empty campsite. Any campsite. Makes no difference - they are all the same and aren't even numbered. I love this!

Feeling a bit guilty for not jogging this morning, I laced up my NIKEs and hit the roads for a few miles around the campground. My Driver (isn't he funny?) thought it would be a good idea to photograph his lovely bride huffing and puffing through the fields.

I am pretty sure this photo is blurry because I was running so fast.

Here is one where I look very serious. I was probably intently listening to Lady Gaga on the iPod. Look very closely at this photo. Now put down that potato chip and go for a walk.

This is where I noticed Dave taking my photo, started laughing and broke-out my best race-walking form. Please note: I am not cheating - both feet are making contact.

Or maybe I was listening to Ke$ha?

Ke$ha cracks me up.

I have now posted photos of myself exercising in skin-tight clothing on the Interweb. My Mother would always ask me to post more photos of myself on this blog... but I'm not sure this is exactly what she meant.

Rewind a bit to this afternoon. DT is driving and I am trying to stay awake reading my favorite food bloggers on my Blackberry. Imagine my joy when I read Heidi Swanson's latest post at 101 Cookbooks - Pan-fried Corona Beans & Kale. Her "beans & greens" recipe called for Corona or Cannellini beans, kale, lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic, walnuts, nutmeg and parmesan cheese. This combination sounded delicious. What would be the chances I would have all the ingredients in my bus? 

Apparently you don't read this blog very often. 

I had to substitute pine nuts for the walnuts, and if that Ag inspector had confiscated my organic lemon...

First, I toasted the pine nuts.

Then I fried the cannellini beans in a little olive oil until they were browned. I am middle-aged and I am pretty sure this is the first time I have ever "fried" whole beans. Heidi was right, the canned beans did get a bit mushy... but there was enough crunch with the kale and pine nuts to make this dish very enjoyable. DT thinks it would be quite tasty with black eyed peas. DT thinks everything is more enjoyable with black eyed peas.

It is good to travel with a fully-stocked pantry and refrigerator. 

Otherwise, you would be forced to gorge yourself at the all-you-can-eat buffet at a smoky interstate-side casino after posting photos of your fat self jogging.

Until my next update, I remain, your "dang, that was delicious" correspondent.

RV Park:  
Rolling Hills Casino. Self-service kiosk at check-in. Every site is $25. Security cruises through the lot checking your windscreen for a "parking ticket". Two minute walk to the casino. No bath house. Quiet.