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Back at the ranch…

Sacramento, California: We had an easy 120 mile drive this morning to Sacramento where we are camped at the State Fairgrounds. After arriving, I had to work for several hours, but then we drove (the Honda) about 40 miles east of Sacramento to spend the afternoon and evening with DT's Brother Steve and our sister-in-law, Gina.

Gina and Steve have a beautiful piece of property in the Sierra foothills. Rolling acres, complete with pasture, pond, barns, house, garden and orchard.

A visitor feels very welcome arriving up the drive at Steve & Gina's ranch.

One small note: it poured all day. Buckets.

Rain brings rainbows!

And look at the handsome leprechaun I found at the end of the rainbow!

Someone else lives at the ranch - our nephew, Doc.

Doc was very excited to see us. Doc was not very excited about the rain. He was soggy.

Our nephew completely ignored us in favor of his dinner.

There are several rocks on the property once used as grinding stones by native people.

Gina uses a food processor.

This is the view from the living room, looking west over their pond. 


So pretty.

Everything is blooming!

I think Steve and Gina go to the grocery store to buy salt. Everything else they grow or buy/barter from their neighbors. Wine, cheeses and meat all come from the neighbors. The vegetable garden feeds them year-around. They have lemon, lime, nectarine, peach, plum, apple, cherry, pear and tangerine trees. They have a massive herb garden. Steve and Gina work very hard, but live and eat very well.

Tonight, we shared the bounty.

Grass-fed prime rib... from the ranch up the hill.

Carrots from the vegetable garden. All organic. Apparently a horse is a virtual fertilizer factory.

Spinach from the garden.

Peach Crostata - made with (frozen) peaches from their orchard.

Life is good at the ranch.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

RV Park:  
Cal Expo RV Park at the state fairgrounds. Full hook-up sites in full-service park. We try to stay in the back (gravel parking area) that is roomier for larger RVs. $35. The main (paved) portion of the campground is on a bit of a tilt, which can be difficult for some rigs to get level. This campground is on the American River, with miles and miles of bike and hiking trails. Close to shopping, restaurants and downtown, yet very quiet.