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High Stakes

Indio, California:  We met with our prospective contractor today as we plotted-out the location of our casita and covered area planned for our lot at the Motorcoach Country Club. There are a lot of rules and regulations and we do not want to spend time planning for something that would not be allowed. We needed the advice of a contractor. We had a plan in our brains, but because our lot of so large and piece-o-pie shaped, we were afraid the covered patio would be too far away from our motorhome.

So, our first staked-out floor plan included an angled version. The most important structure will be the "casita" which is just a fancy name for a shed with a full bath. The maximum allowed in this resort is 9'x13'. Not exactly roomy. Because our lot is super-sized, we are allowed to have 600 square feet of covered living area (not including the casita).

In the end, a super-simple non-angled plot will (in reality) be very close to the motorhome, create a simple roof line and save us a bundle. We will probably go with some-sort of this uncomplicated floor plan.

The rectangle on the lower left represents the casita, the rectangle above the casita represents the open covered area. Plenty of room for a dining table, sofa and fireplace/pit - yet the plot still leaves a lot of lawn for Reese Little Leo.

I spent (truly) the entire afternoon having a haircut, manicure and pedicure. It takes a team of gals - and the ever-appreciated Henry - to keep me looking five years older than I am good. I didn't return to the RV until the sun was setting. Chatting with neighbors. Discussing our proposed build-out with neighbors. Playing with our neighbor's dog.

Even in the Palm Spring area, after the sun sets in January, it gets chilly. We came inside and I made a vegetarian risotto using veggie stock, shallots, asparagus, lemon zest, lemon juice and parmesan. DT said it was delicious.

Dang, if it wasn't just yummy.

Until my next update, I remain, your plotting correspondent.

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