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HH Tuesday: Jackalope Ranch

Indio, California:  Do ya'll remember last week when I wrote about how we were going to make a serious attempt to try new restaurants this winter? I was going to call it "Try It Tuesday". Well, we have done a little rethinking. First, after going over the restaurants we wanted to try, the conclusion was we would be bankrupt. Many of the restaurants were ridiculously expensive and a bit fancy and their menus were loaded heavier items that neither of us can ever finish and neither of us should probably eat. It's a dilemma because some of the properties are very popular, quite famous and we really would like a look inside. And, second, the acronym for "Try It Tuesday" really didn't work out. There is an easy solution, of course - Happy Hour!

We rarely, really never, do Happy Hour. No idea why, except we are late diners and usually sit down for a cocktail after six and have dinner at seven o'clock. On Tuesday this winter, we are going to reschedule our clocks and try Happy Hours all over town. Happy Hour is very popular in the desert. Nearly every restaurant has a Happy Hour menu and drink specials. This way, we can visit new places and have a sample and decide if it would be a good idea to go back another time for dinner.  HH Tuesday is born.

Our first Happy Hour visit was to a restaurant around the corner - The Jackalope Ranch. We have been to the ranch before and just love the property. It is worth a visit just to see the "lodge" and the surrounding six acre gardens, waterfalls and ponds. The restaurant is gorgeous and loaded with beautiful art. The reason we don't eat here is the expense and they simply serve massive portions. Oh, and they specialize in pork ribs.

But Happy Hour is awesome! We were seated in the bar and given a huge menu with four columns. The top of each column showed a price and then ten or twelve menu items were listed down each column. We stayed over on the left side of the menu, in the $5.95 and $7.95 area.

This is my first Coachella Valley Happy Hour, but I am going to guess probably every restaurant will offer guacamole. Jackalope Ranch served us a massive two-cup bowl loaded with guacamole with a basket of house-made tortilla chips. I had the martini special - a double Tanqueray for $8.

We ordered a Caesar Salad. It was very good and loaded with anchovies.

Then we ordered smoked shredded beef sliders. They were also very good... and smoky... and beefy.

We were entertained by the Big Daddy Band, singing oldies:

I am going to give The Jackalope Ranch a thumbs-up for Happy Hour and hope to visit again.

We did not make reservations, but reservations are accepted and can be made by phone, online or via the Open Table app.  Lots of rules, like no split orders, no take-out orders, during Happy Hour. There were families/kids in the bar. Other promotions include "Wine Wednesdays", with half-off wine from 3p to closing and they have a loyalty club.

The Jackalope Ranch
Highway 111 (between Shields Rd. and Jefferson St.)
Indio, CA 92201
Jackalope Ranch on Facebook

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club