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Indio, California:  With the shops being closed for the holiday, we were in need of a few things so (after exercising and walking the granddawg) decided to set-out on a few errands. Our morning did not begin early. The temperature dropped to 32° overnight and the lawn was a bit "crunchy" when we first let Reese outside this morning. The low temperature is not common in the desert in December, but have been here a few times when it has frozen overnight. With radiant floor heaters, the interior of our motorhome remains cozy.

Cloudy and Cold

First stop was to lunch at the ever-popular El Mexicali Cafe, situated on the train tracks in Indio. El Mexicali is another of our favorite/frequent dining spots and we had yet to visit since returning to Indio in November.

Taco, enchilada, chile rellano, rice and beans. Burp. Oh, goodness, so delicious. We had a great time, but only one train came by to shake us up during lunch. Hearty Mexican food in our belly was just the thing to warm us up.

Next stop was to the fun grocer, Cardenas (pronounced CARD-ah-ness). This southwestern USA chain is like the Kroger of Mexican grocers. Huge. Everything you could want to cook Mexican food - and if you don't feel like cooking, simply buy your meal already prepared from one of their ready-to-go counters. The prices are very low and the quality is very good (but there are very few organic items at this chain). I am going to make red sauce (chile sauce, enchilada sauce... whatever you choose to call the sauce made with dried chiles) this week, so went to Cardenas as they have the best selection of dried chiles in town.

Always a colorful selection of birthday cakes in the bakery

Limes - 69 cents per pound

Jalapenos galore

Prickly Pear Cactus leaves


Each Cardenas Market has a tortilleria, where corn and flour tortillas are made in-house. They also vend ready-to-go tostada shells and tortillas of various shapes and sizes. While I was pondering which type of tortillas to purchase (decisions, decisions) a fellow shopper made the decision for me by picking up a package and placing it in my cart with a smile. I guess I wanted flour tortillas this week!

Christmas is a very popular time for tamales (a dried corn husk is lined with a cornmeal mush, stuffed with a meat filling, rolled and steamed - super delicious) and at Cardenas this month you can buy dried corn husks and also a huge pot to steam the tamales! (Please note the "Let it Snow" table cloth under the steamer.)

Sometimes it is a true blessing to not eat pork.

We just love Cardenas. If you are ever near a branch, please stop in and have a look around.

Our final errand was to Home Depot to purchase a small area rug for our outdoor living area. After spending several winters here, we finally decided it might be more comfortable to rest our feet on something other than a tile floor.

The rug is 100% nylon. 100% perfect for our patio.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club