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Hey Eugene*

Eugene, Oregon:  Back to the town where DT and I started this little adventure called Our Life, but can I first rant on and on and on about the terrible weather? So cold. It poured rain nearly all night. Miserable. Thank goodness Seven Feathers has a great fitness center. I used a treadmill. DT ran in the rain because he is a nut job running machine. After his jog (while I was still huffing and puffing on the hamster wheel), Dave had a good soak in their spa. Seven Feathers has an indoor pool and hot tub and the entire room is like being in a sauna - really lovely on a day like today.

Did I mention it is snowing in Central Oregon?

Back in The Eug & our usual RV Park - Premier RV Resort - in the usual weather

As soon as we set up camp (in the pounding rain), DT headed off to see the progress at Historic Hayward Field - a company is putting-up temporary grandstands for the Olympic Trials - and then went over to the Oregon Track Club office to pick up his pay check see his buddies.


I know many of My Dear Readers have young children or grandchildren and would do anything in the world to keep them safe. Have you had a Whopping Cough (Pertussis) booster? The shots from our childhood have long-since run their course and no longer protect us from whopping cough. The disease goes in cycles and now cases are rising especially fast - the State of Washington is expecting over 3,000 cases this year! From the Center for Disease ControlPertussis most commonly affects infants and young children and can be fatal, especially in babies less than 1 year of age. FATAL. Talk to your doctor, then run down to your local pharmacy and get the injection - which is usually covered 100% by most insurance plans. Many localities are offering free immunizations at this time due to the prevalence of Pertussis cases. It is bundled with a tetanus booster. Do not go around children until you are protected! DT and I had boosters before Leo was born - we hope you do the same. Thank you very much. I now return to your regularly scheduled blog.


Since I didn't do much today at all, I must rely on others for today's column. Time to get a few things off my computer desktop.

Remember the weekly pot-o-cash drawing at the Motorcoach Country Club? Every week the club puts $100 in a pot and every Friday, around 6p, they draw a lot number in the restaurant lounge. If the owner of that lot is present in the bar - they win the pot. If no one wins, another $100 is added for next week's drawing. Etc. Etc. Etc. Seems someone (not us) won the big $1500 pot, so with two hundred smackers in the final kitty before the restaurant closed for the season - Captain Jim and Mary won! Cash money! Speaking of the Motorcoach Country Club, our contractor, Arnold Castro, phoned this morning. He said everything is going well and the concrete was poured last evening. It will be allowed to cure over the weekend and the shade structure construction begins first thing Monday morning! Track & Field is not the only sport holding trials to choose the Olympic team. Our friend, Tim Forbes, was back in North Carolina covering the Table Tennis Trials. (I heard a most fascinating story on NPR last month on the event - every athlete making the US team is a first-generation American, all children of Chinese immigrants. The three women are from California and the lone male Olympian is from Texas.) While Tim was in North Carolina covering the event, he found himself on this street:Betcha there are a gazillion David Taylor's out there. Lucky for me - I found the best one.

I will leave you with one final gorgeous photo. I hope you are not hungry. Or dieting.

Our friend, Rosie, in Vancouver, Washington has a small baking business. She baked and decorated this cake for a charity auction. Her work amazes me and I was happy she allowed me to post this photo of her sugary talent! I think this cake is too pretty to eat.

Big track meet at Historic Hayward Field tomorrow and guess what? 62° sunshine is predicted! A super-fast 1500m as well. Until my next update, I remain, your "get immunized" correspondent. *Hey Eugene is one of my favorite songs by Portland's own Pink Martini.

Watch Pink Martini perform "Hey Eugene" on David Letterman.

SLOGGER REPORT:  Three miles. Ho hum.

RV PARK:  Premier RV Resort. I-5, exit 199 in Coburg (just north of Eugene). Paved pull-through full-service sites, free wifi, newspaper delivered to your door, hot tub in season. Very convenient to all the RV repair and maintenance services in the local area and across the freeway from Monaco and Cummins. Freeway noise and lots of live-ins, but we love to stay here because of the convenience to everything we need in the area. Friendly owner on-site.