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Helping Out

Indio, California: This website may have been quiet, but I was plenty busy this week, volunteering as the "graphic designer" for Leo's school newspaper. Published only a few times a year, this is the second time I have organized the layout of the 16 page tabloid. Every story is written by elementary school kids, and the art work contributed is so amazing. It is a fun project, but includes an fairly intense few days in front of my laptop.

You probably may not know this newspaper-making-thing was my lively-hood before a certain gentleman married me and whisked me away to Asia, where I was unable to ever secure a working-visa, and chose a different career path instead: motherhood. As you can well imagine, newspaper production techniques have changed quite a bit since the 80s, but this old Bubbe had kept-up her skills enough - combined with amazing software - that I can still whip-up a newspaper... though still can't believe I worked for a newspaper in the 70s that published five days a week (M-F) and did a 12-24-page paper in one evening - well before software of any sort... for $450 per month salary.

The timing for this volunteer work couldn't have been better - it rained for two days straight in the Coachella Valley. A good soaking rain too. Rain is always appreciated in the desert. I put the school newspaper "to bed" (that term is still used today) Friday morning and had the weekend to relax, grocery shop, and catch-up.

The rain is gone. The skies are blue. The lake is gorgeous... and so are you. But, there was something strange afoot on our golf cart this morning:The rain is gone. The skies are blue. The lake is gorgeous... and so are you. But, there was something strange afoot on our golf cart this morning:

A roadrunner was taking a snooze on the back (rear-facing) seat of our golf cart. It was very odd, as these birds are always on the move, eating bugs and lizards like it is their job. Stranger still, so many people were walking by - exercising themselves or their dogs - and no one noticed the roadrunner, nor did the roadrunner scare away. So odd, I decided s/he must be ill? But DT closed-in enough for a photograph and the bird ran away. No doubt fearing a two-ton anvil from the ACME company. Roadrunner... if he catches you, you're through.

Our project for the day was to fill the three pots on each brick column of our casita with herbs for cooking. We went around the corner to a local nursery, found what we needed and put them in with a fresh revival of soil. They look a little rough right now, but in a week or two...

I made a mushroom risotto for dinner and we watched the Duck men's basketball team beat a school I had never heard of.

I posted this photo on Instagram a few days ago. Lisa, age 4, at a ballet recital (left), and a photo of snapped of Lucy, age 4, last weekend after her ballet class. So different; so much the same. Do you follow me on Instagram? You could.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club