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Los Angeles, California: We had a relatively quiet day - exercising and errands, and checking-off even more chores on Lisa's "TO DO BEFORE THE BABY ARRIVES" list. If only everyone on our planet were 8 months pregnant at all times - the amount of tasks accomplished would be staggering.

One job on the list had given us all a bit of trouble. The lamp (chandelier seems too big a word for this simple-seeming light fixture) over the dining table was dusty and needed a good scrubbing. The trouble came via four very very stubborn screws that needed to be loosened in order for the glass globe to be released from the iron ring and a wire netting that needed to be removed in order for the outside of the globe to be cleaned.

The sphere is larger than a beach ball, so slowly dropping it from the iron ring at the top was a delicate process - especially with a toddler who only wanted to "H E L P", but was no help at all in any way/shape/form.

Luckily, Leo always has plastic animal configurment on his daily agenda to keep him busy.

Leo did help me a today when I gave our Granddawg, Reese, a bath. Leo handed me towels and stood guard over the bathroom door so the soggy canine could not escape his shampooing.

Helpful or not, Leo just makes everything more fun. His sense of humor never fails to amuse me, his imagination has no limits and Leo is so polite. He always says thank you (or thank you very much) and please.

After completing many chores today, I made a salad and we had pizza delivered to the house. Our reward.

Roasted beets, avocado and radishes in an orange-olive oil dressing

The Syracuse from Tomato Pie


We again took a walk after dinner. Lisa, Lenny, Leo, Reese, Bubbe, Bubba. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

Until my next update, I remain, your helpful correspondent.