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Hello from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I left my college roommate and her daughter with the keys to the castle (and the Honda) and flew down to Los Angeles this afternoon. Leo is having a birthday tomorrow. Doesn't time travel at warp-speed when a baby in involved? As of tomorrow, I will no longer refer to Leo as a baby. Leo will be two years old. He sleeps in a Big Boy Bed and no longer wears nappies. He will now be referred to as "The Cutest BOY Ever".

Please remind me, because I still sometimes refer to Lisa as my "baby".

New grandparents - August 2011

Didn't we pose for these photos about twenty minutes ago?

As long as I am showing "old" photographs - here is a photo of Leo's Mama, blowing out the candles on her 2nd birthday cake:

August 1983

Lenny thinks if they dyed Leo's hair brunette, Lisa and Leo could be twins.

Oh, those adorable little hand-smocked, hand-embroidered dresses from The Philippines... and, oh, those curls.

Grandpa tickling Leo

We played with Leo this afternoon and also went to the park with a group of his pals for a play-date.

Lenny's parents arrived this afternoon as well. Lisa and Lenny prepared a gourmet meal and both families gathered for dinner. Marinated flank steak (grilled perfectly by Lenn), tossed greens and a tomato tart. Our Girl is a wonderful cook.

A wonderful day with our wonderful family.

Until my next update, I remain, your "Leo will be 2 tomorrow" correspondent.