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Happy Hour: The Nest

Indio, California:  I spent My Morning driving to Palm Springs to take my Jeep for her first-ever servicing. Forget the usual lube, oil, filter. That's too easy. Cars today go in for software updates. I kid you not.

Just after receiving the new Jeep, I did a software update myownself by downloading the new software onto a flash drive and put the flash drive into the car's USB port (can you even imagine such a thing???) - and bingo, bango, bongo - it was up to date.

Since we have been in Indio there has been a safety recall on the lift hatch, plus the car now has 5000 miles on the odometer... so I decided to take it to the local dealership for the recall repair and a lube, oil, filter... and of course, new software updates.  Yes, that is me, cruising the desert is a very-not-snazzy Dodge Dart loaner car.

Further updates as they happen.

Tonight we decided to celebrate Happy Hour Tuesday at The Nest (on Highway 111) in Indian Wells. This place is a destination. Local hangout. Infamous for trysts, cougars (the non-feline variety), stylish elderly gentlemen cutting the rug with much-younger companions, Bentleys and Maseratis in the parking lot and long lines on weekend evenings. If the walls could talk.

The restaurant has two sections - the bar, bar alcove and dance floor, and a separate formal dining room. We stayed in the bar, went early and left just as the diner-crowd was filing-in. During Happy Hour (4-6p daily) every item on the Bar Menu is $7. Everything. Burgers, salads, entrees, snacks, pasta. Between 4:30-5:30p, The Nest offer a three-course meal in the dining room for only $21.

Caprese Salad: Burrata cheese on Heirloom tomatoes, with basil and balsamic

Cabbage rolls stuffed with beef, on mashed potatoes - and veggies.
The owners Mother comes into the restaurant every day to make the cabbage rolls!

Fried Calamari

Juicy, meaty and crispy - most excellent Buffalo Wings

This is a place you need to visit with more than two people. So much to try - nearly 30 items on the bar menu. Everything we tried was very good and our server was very attentive, friendly and helpful. If you are in the area, visit The Nest for a cocktail, Happy Hour or dinner. It is fun!

NOTES: good air conditioning and good music from the sound system (DJ/band do not start until 6:30p). Generous pours. Free parking and valet also available. I suggest you make a reservation. And dress up - they have a "desert casual" dress code and ask men to wear a collared shirt.

The Nest
75-188 Highway 111
Indian Wells, CA 92210
(760) 346-2314
Reservations also available via Open Table

We arrived back to our little campsite to enjoy another pretty pink desert sunset.

Until my next update, I remain, your nested correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club