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Happy Anniversary

Indio, California:  Today marks 16th anniversary of this blog. I can't really call this date a celebration (because who wants to celebrate teeny 2 mega-pixel photos?), but the date shows up on my calendar each year and it should be recognized.

That's a lot of blogging.

This is the first photo posted on this blog. Fort Lauderdale, 8 January 2000. We were boarding a cruise ship for a spin around the Caribbean during Lisa's winter break from her freshman year at college. We were joined by one of her classmates.

Lisa was in DC for college. Dave had just retired. We bought a motorhome (upgrading from a small travel trailer) and a Honda CRV and hit the road to adventure. We went everywhere. We were constantly on the move, often spending only one night in a town. Why we were in such a hurry, we have no recollection, but have since learned to slow down, take our time and smell a few roses.

We hated this motorhome. It was plagued with all sorts of electrical issues and we constantly fought her. We named her Goldie, but these days never refer to her as Goldie, but as the P.O.S. Endeavor. To her credit, we did drive her on every road in America.

On the road in 2000

Our beagle, Snickers, would travel with us. I've never in my life met a dog who hated RVing more than Snickers. But the old guy would not leave my side, so if I went on a trip in the motorhome, he went on a trip in the motorhome. Actually, when we would pull the motorhome into the driveway to load-up for a trip, that was his sign. Snickers would go into the motorhome and not leave - so afraid we were going to leave without him.

That thing with Snoopy on top of his dog house? It's true, Beagles like to be up high. Here, Snickers is on a picnic table at Yosemite, giving the stink-eye to our motorhome.

A few more 2mp photos from 2000:

Dave and Snickers at Haystack Rock - Cannon Beach, Oregon

Dave, shooting his lowest round at the Furnace Creek Golf Course,
Death Valley National Park, California

We took Lisa to Hawaii the summer between her freshman and sophomore year at GW.
Here we, pre-luau, are on the Big Island. (Holy cow, I still have that muumuu dress.)

Yep. 16 years of blogging is a lot of blogging.

Until my next update, I remain, your nostalgic correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club