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Hanukkah in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: It seems if this website remains unchanged for a few days, it is because we have popped-over to El Lay to spend a few days with the kids. True again, we drove over on Thursday afternoon. After lighting the menorah and waiting for the candles to burn down, the kids hired a babysitter and took us out to dinner. Nice!

Friday was spent playing with Leo and taking Leo to story hour at a local book shop. In the evening, Lisa put two little chickens in her roaster and made a great salad with greens, hazelnuts and blue cheese.

I was in charge of the latkes and made one special small potato pancake for Leo.

Little Leo had his very first latke! Lisa's cousin/our niece, Meghan, and her girlfriend, Dani, came for dinner.

As usual, Our Girl set a gorgeous table and a great time was enjoyed by all. No photos of the adults. Just food.

Saturday, Leo cooked breakfast for everyone in his new kitchen, then his parents went out on errands and DT and I were left in charge. After chasing Leo around the kitchen island 289 times, we took him (and our granddawg, Reese) for a walk. When Leo took a nap, we did as well.

Leo is getting geared-up for the Fiesta Bowl

This afternoon we all met several of Lisa & Lenny's friends (and their toddlers) at The Service Station... not a gas station, but an old closed gas station that is now an event space. This time of year, they sell Christmas trees and host little pop-up craft/gift stores in little metal pods, have a beer garden, a food cart and today they trucked-in a load of snow for the Angelinos to enjoy.

We bought a few gifts, had a snack, lovely hot spiked apple cider, the kids played in the snow and then we came home to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah.

This busy day resulted in a very happy and very tired little boy.

Until my next update, I remain, your Hanukkah correspondent.