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Since it was Purim, I baked up a batch of Hamantaschen with two fillings - date walnut and apricot-orange. This year I used white whole wheat flour and I don't think I will do that again! The dough is so tender already - it is made with cream cheese and butter - using a whole grain flour created a pastry that was very difficult to work with. No recipe here (yet) until I make the perfect Hamantaschen... years from now... but here are photos of the process:

Roll the chilled dough and cut into 3-inch-ish circles, brush with egg wash

Place a rounded teaspoon of the filling in the center - this is apricot-orange

Fold three sides towards center. The pastries are supposed to look like Haman's (evil man who wanted to kill all the Jews, but Queen Esther took care of it) hat. Looks like Paul Revere's hat to me.

Yours truly folding and crimping - date walnut filling for this batch

Happy Purim!