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Halloween Masquerade Ball

Just kidding. We did not have a Masquerade Ball. We didn't even have a party. It poured buckets of rain all day and Dave and I are so busy organizing for our trip south for the winter we were lucky to remember to pick up a bag of candy. 

I put a pot of chili in the crockpot (Halloween tradition!), put out a few decorations for the anticipated trick-or-treaters, lit a roaring fire, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Honestly, we do not get many kids stopping-in on Halloween. We live in the middle of nowhere and there is only one "kid" living on our road and he is 14 years old. Sometimes the kids at the bottom of the hill will ride their horses up for a candy bar (and an apple for their horse), but... as I said... the weather wasn't fit for man nor beast tonight.

We ate our chili. We ate our cornbread.

We waited.

Finally a knock at the door!

We rushed to the door - me donning my black witch hat - only to discover the President of the United States on our front porch. Such an honor! Wow!

The POTUS was begging with Darth Vader and another random dude (with a baseball pillow case?). (Doesn't Barak Obama seem taller on television?)

We did not know these kids. Their parents were waiting in a car in our driveway, having brought the boys into "the city" for Halloween. We are so so so far from any city, I can't imagine how rural these boys must live. We gave them candy and they went away, claiming we were the first house to snap their photo all evening.

About one hour later, Ryan, the only kid on our block, showed up to beg for candytrick-or-treat.

Oh Man - you can't imagine how much grief we gave this high-schooler for trick-or-treating. Guess this will be the last year we will see him? Kinda sad, in a way. Ryan has been trick-or-treating us since he was about four years old.

Here he is from 2007 and 2011:

Star Wars and Hogwarts?

Total for the night - 4 trick-or-treaters. All Boys.

Meanwhile, down in Los Angeles, our grandchildren were frightening absolutely no one with their spooky Halloween costumes.

Leo was a vampire bat.

Lucy was disguised as a strawberry.

I can't stand the cuteness.

Is that a word?

I will leave you with my all-time favorite Halloween photo - Leo - age 2, at a pumpkin patch:

I can't stand the cuteness.

NOTE TO READERS: Our departure date has been set. November 9th.

Until my next update, I remain, your "we have a whole bunch of candy leftover" correspondent.