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Grandkid Time

Los Angeles, California:  It poured all night Thursday, causing flooding, mudslides and power outages throughout Southern California. We suffered through a terrible wind storm in Los Angeles last night. This morning we woke to completely clear sunny skies and not even a breeze. Only 62 degrees, but considering the rest of the nation, we were happy. Crazy weather.

Good thing the storm let-up. Leo goes to piano lessons, and Lucy has ballet. Someone has to remain at ballet with each little dancer, so I volunteered. At the end of class this morning, each student must show the teacher she has "mastered" five basic ballet positions. Two and three year-olds here... no big pressure... but no student was asked to show the same five positions. Tricky. Lucy knew every position. Of course.

Was that too many photos of my favorite ballerina? Sorry, it's my blog.

After everyone returned from their classes, Dave and I were given the mission to spend time with our grandchildren. (As in: please get the kids out of the house for a few hours, so a few tasks could be completed.) Mission accepted. First we took Leo and Lucy to breakfast (or brunch or lunch) and then headed over to Griffith Park, where a large assortment of entertainment adventures await.

Ponies! Lucy loves to ride the ponies. Not as much as her brother at the same age, but she really likes riding the ponies. Leo has now graduated up to the larger ponies. The larger equines actually trot for a few feet so the rider gets a little thrill. (I cannot attest to the thrill for the poor ponies.)

Lucy, saddling-up

Lucy and Leo on the ponies

Hi, Bubbe!

Leo is wearing some-sort of fox ears from his piano class

And what's a trip to Griffith Park without a ride on the train?

Tiger, hiding in the trees... and Lucy showing us the way to the train

All Aboard (Lucy getting very sleeeeeepy)

The railroad is decorated for night-time rides over the holidays.
We went at night last year.

The price of snow cones has increased twenty cents due to global warming.

Griffith Park Train holiday decor

Recreating the Statue of Liberty - Leo knew it was in New York City.

Lucy was getting a little dopey, tired from her Big Morning, but both kids wanted to ride the famous antique carousel. This ride is a great deal - a very long ride, complete with very loud music from a very old military band organ - for only $2!

The children were perfectly behaved all morning. It is nice that we get to spend time with Leo and Lucy without their parents sometimes, and we always see so many other grandparents out on adventures with their grandchildren as well. Special memories! The most difficult situation was trying to keep Lucy awake from the merry-go-round until we reached her house, where she could nap in her crib. Another mission accomplished.

Mike and Kevin invited us all to dinner. We enjoyed amazing lentil soup - loaded with veggies - and sweet potato gnocchi in their beautiful home. Another great day with family and friends in Los Angeles.

Until my next update, I remain, your Bubbelicious correspondent.