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Indio, California:  For some reason, I thought today would be a good day to end my one-year absence from the Great Game of Golf.

I used to play quite a lot of golf and actually belong to one of the finest golf clubs in America, but with My Driver having such a busy schedule (World Indoor Track & Field Championships and US Olympic Trials) last year, neither of us golfed much. Me, not at all. I did not mange to get myself, nor my clubs, out to a golf course last winter. Even once. Nor all summer while at home in Portland.

Which could explain my 120+ golf score.

Actually, lack of playing time cannot explain my 120+ golf score. Nothing can explain this. My score has been the same since I began golfing in 1989 to the present day. Factoring-in the improvement to golf clubs and golf balls and my aging swing: I still suck at golf. My secret to enjoying the sport is 1) to not care and 2) the total lack of the competitive sports gene.

Blame it on my DNA.

I'll kick your butt at Jeopardy.

Though the temperature did not rise much above 60 today, we enjoyed our round at Indian Springs Golf Club with Portland friends, Marci and Jim. We had beautiful views of snow-capped peaks whenever the clouds lifted.

Dave and Jim worked together, back in the day, and have become good friends since their retirement and the fact they both winter in the Palm Springs area with their lovely brides.

Jim and Dave

Even a cloud-filled sky is gorgeous in the desert.

I had a string of "7's" and then found myself with a lucky break. My ball hovered on the precipice of a pond, approaching the 18th green. Ready to pop up next to the pin... or ready to whack into the water.

I whacked it into the water, of course. Who do you think you are dealing with here? I shoot over 120 for goodness sake.

Indian Springs have completely remodeled the restaurant/bar area of their golf club. Where once was a typical sandwich and beer stop after your round of golf, the restaurant is now a first-rate happy-hour-equipped sports bar - with a zillion televisions, a full bar, great menu - all encompassed in a rock-and-roll-theme. (The bathrooms feature purple neon sinks!) Our favorite local server, Jose, works at Red Rocks Pub many nights per week. Live music several evenings per week as well.

After our round, Dave and I returned to our campsite and then rode our golf cart down to the hot tub. We soaked our aches away and decided I am the worst golfer in the world.

It is good to excel at something.

Until my next update, I remain, your over-par correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club