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Golf Hazard

Indio, California: Dave and I had plans to golf today with Jim and Marci at The Golf Club at La Quinta (previously Trilogy Golf Club). Still a few miles behind schedule due to the sand storm, I hit the pavement this morning before golfing. Running and golfing on the same day is not a good idea for this old Bubbe... and a guarantee I will be looking for my pillow before 9p.

The winds were so strong this morning, I didn't even want to run. I was 99% sure Jim would phone and say he wanted to cancel due to the high winds. But Jim did not phone. We ran. We prepared to golf. We waited for the phone to ring. It did not ring. We decided to head out to the Golf Club at La Quinta and decide to play/not play after consulting with Marci and Jim.

There was not a breath of wind at the golf course - eight miles from our RV resort! Marci and Jim had no wind at their condo in Palm Desert, but were nearly blown off the road in La Quinta on the way to the golf course. The desert is a strange place!

We had a great round. Apparently I shot a 56 (dang near miraculous) on the front nine. But strange things were afoot on this golf course today.

Do not be amazed by the gorgeous Crape Myrtle in bloom. Be amazed by the big white plastic swan sitting under the tree. This swan is here to scare the Canada Geese. (Please do not notice the Canada Goose sitting at the base of the amazing Crape Myrtle.)

Pretty scary to me.

Looks real.

We had all hit our drives on the 8th hole. My drive (who knew?) was straight down the middle of the fairway. As I left the golf cart to hit my shot, I noticed a slithering hazard on the fairway:


Below is a 4 second video of the slithering monster:

It was a Gopher Snake - over three feet in length. A Gopher Snake is harmless... unless you are a gopher, mouse, rat, frog... or anything else they choose to digest. I have written previously about this smart snake. It knows it is not a rattle snake, but it knows it looks like a rattle snake, so can pretend to be a rattle snake by coiling and shaking its tail (especially if in dry leaves to achieve a shaking sound.) Gopher snakes live about twelve years. With their golfing pals, DT and Jim will report this snake up to 6 feet in length, but look at it next to this drainage screen and debunk their bragging.

Amazing to see this gorgeous creature today.

My Driver, driving

Though it was not windy at The Golf Club at La Quinta, this photo shows how much dust was blowing in the Coachella Valley today.

Another strange thing was happening at this golf course. A dude was diving for golf balls. Not sure of the actual details, but a guy scuba dives - using a floating-above-water breathing apparatus - to gather golf balls from the bottom of the ponds and lakes of golf courses. The balls are refurbished and sold/reused.

The red floating thing is the breathing apparatus

We Oregonians just love recycling!

We will not discuss my score on the back nine.

After golf, Marci and Jim came back to our campsite to see our new golf cart. We went on a ride around the resort in our new cart, and then Marci and Jim took us to dinner at Pueblo Veijo Grill in Indio. Something about a bet Jim and Dave made on Oregon v Utah in the Pac-12 basketball tournament last month... seems Jim (Utah alum) thought Utah would beat the Ducks - or the point spread.

Didn't happen. Thanks for dinner, Jim. GO DUCKS.

Until my next update, I remain, your slithering correspondent.

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