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Golf + Flowers

Indio, California: Golf is finally back on our agenda. The weather is simply spectacular – warm (nearly hot) during the day – then it cools off so much when the sun sets behind the mountains.

Just as we were heading out for a round of golf this morning, our gardeners arrived with flats and flats and flats of yellow pansies. Every year, we have the flower beds filled with only one flower – yellow pansies. Our gardener, Daniel, loves our GO DUCKS theme and goes out of his way to ensure our campsite is epic.


Later in the afternoon, Daniel called me to say the flowers had been planted and three people had stopped by to admire the situation and ask for his business card!

I have not played golf since we left Indio in May, so to say I was rusty would be a huge understatement. I am a terrible golfer. I have always been a terrible golfer, and I will always be a terrible golfer. Still, My Driver continues to ask me to golf with him and his friends do not run for cover when I accompany them for a round. (Maybe they KNOW FOR SURE they will not have the highest score when I am in the foursome?)

It makes no difference to me. When I leave for the golf course I know I will hit the ball around 120 times. I know I will have fun. I know I will make a fool of myself. I don’t care. Our friends thinks I will improve with practice, but I have been playing golf since 1988 and I have not improved my score. In fact, I used to be able to drive the ball 175 yards. Now, at my advanced age, I can only drive the ball 125 yards on a good day. If you can only drive 125 yards, it is very difficult to get in much trouble. It often seems I should be wearing white, as many of my shots look more like croquet than golf (another shot that can’t get you in much trouble).

Whatever. It is what it is, and it is 4 hours with my husband – always a good thing.

We played with Jim this afternoon at Eagle Falls. Marci is recovering from hip replacement surgery, but will join our foursome very soon. Marci is a trooper.

Upon returning to our campsite, we were greeted with beautiful yellow pansies everywhere! So pretty. In a few weeks, the flowers will fill every inch of the beds and show every fellow camper our true GO DUCK spirit.

Speaking of fellow campers… the construction site to our left is moving right along:

Wow, is Leo going to miss his football field when he comes to visit Thanksgiving week.

Until my next update, I remain, your planted correspondent.