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Getting Settled

Indio, California: Rain pounding our roof woke us this morning. My first thought: Where are we? It is so rare to hear raindrops in Indio, yet we heard so many raindrops on our drive to Indio. Traveling in a RV often brings that early morning wake-up reality-check. Where are we?

Turns out, we were in Indio and it was pouring buckets of rain. True, we come to the desert for the lovely winter weather... but it is also true that we are joyous when the parched desert receives any rare rain. Oregonians arriving just hours before a rain storm can basically lay claim for the moisture.

You. Are. Welcome.

Our casita was cleaned yesterday. Today our motorhome interior was cleaned. Shower steamed cleaned, floor tiles steam cleaned, every surface pristine. It is like our motorhome just rolled-off the production line.

While the cleaning crew was in our bus, Dave and I put our outdoor living area back together. You may laugh, but before we left here last April, I snapped photos of every cupboard and drawer in our outdoor kitchen and had the snapshots printed at our local Walgreen drugstore. Good thing too. There was no way we could ever remember where every plate, dish, glass and pot was placed in the cupboards/drawers before they were stored for the summer away. With our graphic guides, it took just a short while to get our house in order again.

Our atomic wall clock is not working. Battery changed... it can take up to five days for the clock to reach the signal from Fort Collins, Colorado. We do not know. We do not remember.

We also forgot about our motion-detection system and could not figure out why our dining lights kept going on and off.

I seriously need to keep better notes.

After the cleaning crew left and our kitchen was back in order, we headed out for food. Tacos, of course. Can't get enough of $1.79 chicken tacos from Tacos Gonzales (corner of Jackson & Highway 111).

It was like Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge had arrived to Tacos Gonzales. We were royally greeted by the Gonzales family - and they really didn't need to take our order. They knew what we wanted.

Tomorrow morning we will have a major upgrade to our satellite television system and will then drive to Los Angeles to see Our Beautiful Grandchildren.

Until my next update, I remain, your desert correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club