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Garage Doors, Tires, Bobcat & Deer… Oh, My

Track Town USA: Please, Patient Reader, do not faint, but we are in our RV! Toasty warm, I might add. Protected from the nasty cold rain, inside the Magna Peregrinus, with the floor tile heaters on HIGH. Life is good.

Any day in your RV is better than any day at home? Or is that any day fishing is better than any day at the office? Whatever. This RV Goddess is happy.

We had an interesting day. Just after daybreak, I looked out our bedroom window (at home) and saw something moving in our field. At first, I thought it was a coyote, because it was about the same size as a small coyote... or was it a dog? Then the animal turned towards the house and I realized it was a cat. A bobcat! We have lived here nearly 18 years and it is the first time we have seen a bobcat in the area.

Our day continued to be entertaining, considering our destination was only two hours south of our house. When we arrived to our RV storage garage, I was able, for the first time, to inspect the "little accident" Dave and Lenny had two weeks ago while backing the RV into the garage at 2 o'clock in the morning after returning from the late-night Arizona State game.

To answer your questions:

1. There isn't even a scratch on the Magna Peregrinus.

2. They were both completely sober.

DT says he somehow didn't get the garage door all the way up and hit the bottom of the door with the roof of the bus while he was backing in. Since the rubber strip along the bottom of the garage door has separated from the door, it would appear the bus hit this rubber padding (thankfully!!!), causing the door to buckle and then, miraculously, pop-up! I am quite surprised we have not been contacted by the owner of the storage place. Our door is the only banged-up door in the entire complex. (There goes the neighborhood!) DT is going to attempt a repair with a hammer. I think this is a job for a professional.

See what happens when I am not there to supervise?

We spent the afternoon at Les Schwab Tires in Junction City. Les Schwab is Oregon-born company and they are wildly popular. They are famous for having their employees run from car to car, fixing flats for free (I am not kidding) and for the benefits they provide their employees. (Rumor has it, if you spend your career at Les Schwab, you will retire as a millionaire.) Several years ago, I had a flat tire on my car and they sent a truck all the way out to our house, fixed the tire (I had purchased the tires at Les Schwab), refused payment and the worker refused a tip. Awesome customer service! Anyway, this particular Les Schwab has the equipment to work on our RV SmarTire air pressure monitoring system... possibly because this Les Schwab is located in Junction City, Oregon and is directly across the street from the Country Coach factory.

These two bald guys Dave and Paul checked the tire pressure in every (we have 8) tire and then recalibrated the monitoring system. (It was just too sensitive and was starting to give warning beeps when the tires still had plenty of air.) We were there for nearly two hours.

Long enough for me to walk down the street and get chicken tacos for our lunch. They were super delicious, but I was disappointed they were served in styrofoam. Come on, people - you are in Oregon. Step it up!

Our lunch was $3.96. Total. Each taco was only 99 cents.

Fresh venison anyone?

Premier RV Resort, at Exit 199 on I-5. I cooked dinner (reheated purchased individual tamale pies from our fabulous New Seasons Market), we are watching the final game of the World Series and I made 4 recipes of my Easy Potato Casserole for our tailgate in the morning. And that, my friends, was our day. Until my next update, I remain, your RVing correspondent. QUESTION: Have you ever seen a bobcat? When? Where?