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Friendly Reminder

Not a lot going on here at Taylor Manor, but a lot going on with my family. It has been a very stressful few days. My Dad, who was here with us in Portland just last week, flew out to Denver to visit with My Brother and his family. While in Denver, My Dad suffered a "mini-stroke" - a transient ischemic attack (TIA). I am happy to report, Dad is doing fine. Luckily, when he suffered the TIA, Dad was at dinner with My Brother - a mile from a hospital - and My Brother had the brains to put Dad in the car and drive directly to the hospital. Dad was treated within moments of having the TIA. Time is very important in this situation. Apparently, these little strokes are not uncommon in elderly people. The TIA is usually a wake up call to underlying health issues that can lead to a major stroke. I am happy to report My Dad is out of the hospital. All the tests/scans prove his heart, lungs and brain are healthy, but he needs to monitor his blood pressure. Being part of this crazy family is a blessing - My Super-Organized Brother sent constant emails, tweets and text messages to his four siblings, keeping us updated with the continually improving progress report. So, may I be so bold, Dear Baby Boomer Reader, to remind you to have your blood pressure checked? Exercise? Watch your salt? Eat a healthy diet? Keep your weight in check? Stop smoking? (Yes, I am fat reading my own advice.) SIDE NOTE: If you are ever in Parker, Colorado... apparently one of the best restaurants in town is the Parker Adventist Hospital cafeteria. Delicious, healthy vegetarian foods have people lined-up! SIDE NOTE TO THE SIDE NOTE: Living overseas for so many years, we always found the international Adventist Hospitals served delicious, nutritious, low-cost foods and were always noted for their incredible breads.In other news... Spring is trying to come to Portland. The deer are enjoying the lush meadows and sweet grasses. The does have had their babies, but we have yet to see a fawn... they are kept hidden from us for a few more weeks. As soon as a little spotted darling thing appears, I will post a photo. The fawns are cute for about fifteen seconds. After that, they are just eating our garden and I always vow to buy a shotgun... but I never do.

Never will.

Is there anything cuter than a fawn?

A puppy?

A kitten?

A grandbaby!

Speaking of our future grandbaby... DT and I are flying down to Los Angeles this weekend to help The Lovely Lisa and Lenny with a few home-owner chores. Our Girl has actually emailed a list of chores and an agenda/schedule! (I think Lisa has the same OCD organizational skills as My Brother.) The tasks include fetching the rocking chair/glider from a warehouse, assembling the crib (!), hanging new patio lights, window washing, a trip to Lowe's and hanging curtains in the nursery. There are a few dinner reservations somewhere in the mix and hopefully time for Grandpa & Bubbe to have a cocktail nap.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies. No, not for My Duck Runner, but for 800m runner Dustin Emrani. Dustin is getting ready to represent Israel in the European Team Championships in Iceland. Obviously, he is going to need some cookies and Oatmeal Energy Muffins... so tomorrow a box of baked goods is being FedExed to Dustin in New York City. Because they don't have cookies or muffins in New York City, right? Until my next update, I remain, your blessed correspondent.