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Merced, California: Since y'all probably missed me so very much because I did not update yesterday, I will fill you in on what we did..

Not much.

Bike path along the American River in Sacramento
(taken with my iPhone)

As previously mentioned, the Cal-Expo RV Park is along the American River, on miles and miles of bike trails. It is a great place to run. After waiting for the temperature to climb above freezing, I jogged three miles, but will say... though these paths are a great place to run, they may not always be the safest place to run. There are some dudes possibly living in the woods and always a few unsavory characters lurking about. I have never felt safe on this bike path - even when I would be with my dog. (Keep in mind, nothing has ever happened to me on this bike path. I don't want to hear from the Chamber of Commerce - but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and my instincts say be alert.) My Big Strong Driver kept me within sight this morning. I was approached by one person - a guy walking his dog who asked if I was the "RV Diva". I need a better publicist.

Another iPhone shot - always striving for a professional website!

We hitched up the Honda and went one hundred miles south (on the ridiculously bumpy Highway 99) to Merced, where we will be for a few days, camped at the RV park adjacent to the Castle Air Museum, on the now-closed Castle Air Base just north of Merced.

The evening was spent at DT's Mom's house with three of her four boys. Billy made a pot of yummy soup - chicken sausage and rice with chard - and Kent whipped-up delicious garlic bread. We had a fun evening, discussing ridiculous politics and playing games with our eight-year-old niece Kira (who can play a mean game of backgammon).

Big Celebration tomorrow! 

Until my next update, I remain, your Merced correspondent.

RV Park: Castle Air Museum RV Park - This teeny campground has only 6 sites now, all back-ins. Exclusive! 30/50 camp service, water and sewer. No bathhouse, no laundry. Nothing. We paid $25.