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Cat Lady

Sacramento, California: We had a lot of rain overnight and the wind picked-up so much this morning. Terrible weather. We had our usual morning of shipping orders, answering emails, exercising, etc., and then headed out on errands (post office to ship orders) and then went to another of our favorite Sacramento places for lunch -Lemongrass. We have been to Lemongrass several times before, but today were a bit disappointed. With so many people out of work, they could not get anyone to clear the tables? We sat in a sea of dirty dishes during our lunch. Am I too picky? I just don't understand if you have people waiting for tables, wouldn't it be wise to clear tables and set them again? Obviously, I know nothing of the restaurant business, but it seems to me a few employees called-in sick this morning. Our food was good, but not the same standard we usually expect from Lemongrass.

However, my favorite dish on their menu - the Chunky Ginger Ice Cream - was the same superior concoction as always, and our service was surprisingly prompt.

Chunky Ginger Ice Cream from Lemongrass Restaurant in Sacramento

As we were leaving the restaurant, I checked email on my phone and told DT we had to get back to the bus PRONTO! Skinny Runner featured me on her blog today! Having a Cat Lady post on Skinny Runner is like winning an academy award in the blogging world. Wow. Sorry. That really sounds like bragging.

I am bragging.

I may have experienced heart palpitations.

After arriving back to the RV and after re-reading Skinny Runner's (photo, left - yes she is just this gorgeous) email three or four (or maybe twelve) times, I looked at my Cat Lady post on her website and then watched the hits on RVGoddess.com climb all afternoon.

Well, not exactly. Yes, my readership was off the charts, but I could not watch the numbers because I was sea sick.

What? How can anyone get sea sick in a non-moving vehicle? Remember what I wrote above about the terrible wind? The wind was hitting the side of our bus in such an unusual way, our 54,000 pound monster was rocking. Swaying. While it was rocking, I had been watching my computer screen. Apparently, it is the same as reading in a moving car.

I was about ready to hurl.

So I took a little nap. It was like falling asleep on a cruise ship, or like being rocked to sleep by your momma, or like being a little tipsy on champagne and falling asleep in the sun.

And then I felt much better. I had to rally because we were going to dinner downtown with Brother Steve and Gina at The Waterboy.

The Waterboy Restaurant was one of the best dining experiences we have enjoyed in years! So happy to report this restaurant is fabulous. Our table was great, our server was excellent and the food was off the charts. The chef serves not-often used ingredients, sources locally and mixes up things liberally. I knew it was going to be a good night when the featured cocktail was a Negroni - an equal portion of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth - and one of my favorite libations (though usually enjoyed on a warmer day).

We all shared an appetizer of white anchovies and another with tuna and egg on crostini. Both excellent. We had steaks, duck, scallops and cannelloni for entrees and every dish was incredible. My beef was served with a potato gratin so delectable, I wanted to run away with the cook. (Turns out Stan is happily married, but he appreciated my devotion.)

DT's meal: Sonoma County Liberty Duck Breast with Salad of
Roasted Winter Vegetables, Creamy Polenta,
Foie Gras-Chicken Liver Crostini & Balsamico

Brother Steve & Gina sent us home with a huge bag of Mandarin's from their ranch/farm and dozens of Gina'a homemade shortbread cookies. It was a wonderful evening!

Until my next update, I remain, your pleased correspondent.

RV Park: Cal-Expo RV Park - We are happily parked in the flat over-flow gravel area. Request this area if you are a big-rig. The paved portion of Cal-Expo is at such an angle, it may be difficult for a RV over 30 feet to get level. 50-amp service, free wifi. Bath house and laundry on-site. Adjacent to bike paths along the river, close to shopping and a zillion chain restaurants. We paid $35.