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For The Birds

La Quinta, California: This week was for the birds. We have been waiting for a few repairs to made to our motorhome, and when we learned the repairs were finally completed, went to check it all out. Guess what? They had NOT completed the repairs, had ordered the wrong part, yadda-yadda-yadda. Disorganization is not a good thing. How can people remain in business? Now, we wait. DT has given them a deadline.

There is always pizza, to soothe the soul.

And Cumin Salmon with Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice. (Recipe coming soon. Again.)

The greens were "punched" Monday and Tuesday, so we only golfed once this week. It was a great round - had no players in front/back of us - so finished 18 holes in just over three hours. I FINALLY scored less than 130! Not going to quit my day-job to join the LPGA tour quite yet.

On the 15th hole, we were amazed to see about 100 white birds along the pond shore and in the water! Bright-white American Pelicans, herons, and cranes. Truly an amazing view.

As I approached the forward tees, those birds must have recognized me or thought I might pop a ball their way, because they all flew-off like it was their job. Here is another view from the other side of the pond:

We have four special visitors coming this weekend! Until my next update, I remain, your avian correspondent.

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  1. Such a teaser! Are the wheels on the Magna Perigrinus going to go “round and round” sometime soon? Hopefully the repairs aren’t anything major!

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