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Flying to Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee:  Hello from steamy Nashville!

I really do not like to fly, but our trip to Nashville was fast and uneventful. It is hard to believe, but two two-hour flights and you can reach Nashville from Portland, Oregon. (When we were here last year in the motorhome, it seemed like we were really, really far from home.)

The flights were virtually seamless too. Our connection was so short, and our first flight arrived so late that we literally walked off one flight, crossed a few gates, boarded the next plane and they closed the door behind us.

So, we were completely surprised (and so very grateful) when our luggage greeted us in Nashville - the first two bags off the plane.

It was 10:30p and the temperature was 86 degrees.

We arrived to our hotel at 11p. We were starving and ready for a cocktail. The bar was still open, but the kitchen was closed.

A bowl of bar snack mix and the olives in my martini is dinner, right?

We were very happy to find this bed waiting for us. 

We fell into this bed and called it a night.

Until my next update, from steamy Nashville, I remain, your southern correspondent.