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Flowery Friday

TrackTown, USA: I was up early to watch the Diamond League track meet (online) from the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar. Our friend, Russell Brown, was racing to make the Olympic Standard (3:35.50) for the 1500m. He did! Russell ran 3:34-something - his personal best. Amazingly enough, even with that super-fast time, Russ finished in 12th place, behind 7 Kenyans and a few other really fast dudes. I can't wait for the Olympic Trials - the competition in the 1500m is going to be amazing.

Russell Brown inspired me to tackle that dang hill again. I have to look at it out the RV window. It mocks me. Not today. I flew up that dang thing - and I brought my phone (just in case I needed to summon an ambulance) and took a few photos. I saw cows, a Red-tailed hawk, horses, farmers, fields purple with larkspur, wild iris and Queen Anne's Lace. Just a few cars and two tractors on the road today.

I came back to the bus and enjoyed a healthy breakfast - Greek yogurt with granola and berries. All organic, of course!

Then there was a knock on the door and a florist delivered a bouquet from The Lovely Lisa to honor me at Mother's Day!

Leave it to Lisa to figure-out where I would be and to find the best florist in Eugene,Passionflower. I was blown-away by the beauty of this bouquet. I am truly blessed to have been chosen as her Mother. She delights me every day with something she says, something she does or just seeing her beautiful face and lovely smile.

But wait - there's more! A few hours later, there was another knock on the door. Our Blonde Daughter, Lisa's friend Angela, also sent Mother's Day flowers. Yellow & greenflowers for good luck at the Pac-12's - and (get this) she also sent a huge box of truffles from the best chocolate shop in Eugene, Euphoria.

I'm thinking my two girls are in cahoots?

DT had meetings all afternoon, and then we went over to the track to see how preparations for the Pac-12 meet were progressing.

A fuzzy photo of Historic Hayward Field - ready for the Pac-12's

And my pretty college roommate, Kim, at the track tonight.
Kim is a track & field photographer.

Tonight, DT and I attended a reception for the Pac-12 coaches hosted by Dave's college coach, Bill Dellinger, and retired Oregon women's coach, Tom Heinonen. I have no idea why we were invited to a reception for college coaches except for some reason the University of Oregon seems compelled to send us a piece of mail every damn day. It was quite a fun event, made even more funner at the after-party in the Wild Duck bar across the street with Mary, Steve, Jules, Gary and a few staff members of Track & Field News.

Wonder what we talked about?

Until my next update, I remain, your flowery correspondent.