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Los Angeles, California:  We have not seen the kids since Lucy's ballet recital in June! This amount of time away from our precious grandchildren is torture, but they have been traveling when we could visit them and we were busy/out of town when they were free to visit us. No matter what - there was no way we would miss Leo's 6th birthday celebration, so Dave and I flew to Los Angeles this afternoon. Dave's knee swelling has not returned since his last appointment and cortisone shot. He does exercises several times a day and visits a physical therapist several days a week. No matter, Dave flew to LA wearing a very sturdy knee brace and using a cane. DT is a trooper.

Lenny and Leo met us at the airport.

Leo has grown completely out of his toddler (and maybe his "little boy") stage and is full-on-boy now. He can swim. He can ride a bike. Climb a tree. Leo has a loose tooth. He still likes a quick cuddle and the occasional stuffed animal, but usually Leo is too busy with art or science projects for such sentimental stuff. Lisa and Lenny have him busy this summer with camps, piano lessons and swimming. The kid is lean. I am a liar: the kid is skinny.

Just a bit after we arrived to the house and had a happy reunion, Leo and Lucy headed out for a pre-scheduled school pizza party. This meant the parents and grandparents were child-free for enough time to actually have a nice dinner in a restaurant!

We had a wonderful dinner at Sushi Yuzu in Toluca Lake, a restaurant we have visited before with the children. Everything is so fresh and delicious - it really is a treat to dine at any of their locations.

Salmon sashimi in a cilantro/olive oil sauce with pretty radish garnish

Yellowtail with jalapeno, soy and lime - covered in fried onions

A great evening, shared with the cutest couple ever:

Leo's 6th birthday party is tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.