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Fauci Ouchie!

Saturday | 6 February 2021 | La Quinta, California: I am so happy to say Dave and I both received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday at the Indio County Fairgrounds. We've been waiting and waiting for our doctors (Kaiser) to offer us the jab, but they email us - nearly every day - saying they still have no juice. Mary and Captain Jim gave us the phone number for our county senior services. I phoned, someone answered, and we had appointments within a few days. I've only been 65 for three months - barely squeaked in - as the nurse who stuck me this afternoon noticed.

The process was easy. Check-in at a pavilion building at the fairgrounds, showing our (printed) email appointment confirmations and present ID proving we were over 65. Wait in line (about 20 people were in front of us), and take a seat at a nurse's station. My nurse asked if I routinely carried an epi-pen or if I had allergic reactions to injections. Nope. She gave me the injection very high on my left arm, and covered it with a Band-Aid. Then we were asked to have a seat and wait 15 minutes, just in case we did have a reaction. (If you answered "yes" to any of the allergy questions, you were required to wait 30 minutes... paramedics with epi-pens are onsite.) While waiting, we watched a video explaining how to register for the second injection and reinforcing the WEAR A MASK advice. There was no charge at all. We each now have an official CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

The only disconcerting thing was the people waiting in line for the jab - everyone was over 65, obviously - but everyone was white. This county is 65% Hispanic. I came home and emailed my congressman - who is a physician (Harvard!) and Hispanic - and asked him what was up with that. He is aware of the problem, and there still so many people refusing the vaccine.

Our arms are just a bit sore today (especially when raising the arm). Happy to have a little discomfort: temporary problem for a permanent solution.

We golfed again last Wednesday - getting to be a habit - and I still am so terrible. I always have to three-putt, forever ruining any chance of a decent score. It's not my poor vision (I only have vision in my right eye), I just totally suck the big one at putting.

There are turtles all over this club! We have spotted them in several ponds now.

Bad photo, sorry... I had to use my phone

And we continue to have ridiculously gorgeous sunsets:

From the front door
Behind the house

Did you get the vaccine yet? Are you refusing? Please comment below.

Until my next update, I remain, your Fauci Ouchied correspondent.

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  1. My husband and I got our first vaccine administered day one in our county on Jan. 4 and our second Feb. 1. No side effect from the first. Second one has been slightly problematic but nothing I can’t deal with. They say side effects show the vaccine is working so I’m more than thankful that I have been covered. And if they come out with a booster I will be ready for that, too. Be safe, be well.

  2. I’m 81 and still waiting in Oregon, but am on the phone list at local drug store. Husband Tom (88) receives his first dose Monday at the VA in Roseburg. Oregon has prioritized teachers above elderly which I am totally in favor of, but is also prioritizing prisoners which I think stinks!

  3. Husband gets his second one this Tuesday, he is 75. I received my first one in Phoenix, a three hour drive from our home near Tucson–it was worth every single mile! I did the drive up mass vaccination site at one of the stadiums in the Phoenix area, in and out in less than 30 minutes. Our neighbor who was a non mask wearer has died of covid, we’ve had friends almost die from it and yet so, so many people are refusing the vaccine.

  4. So happy to hear you both got your shots. We’re scheduled for next Wednesday at Phoenix municipal stadium and still can’t believe we got appts. I am sad though because I’m pretty sure we’re dealing with the same issues here in AZ with all the older whites like us getting in line first. I guess we’ll see on wed and do what we can to make it right. These are the issues that have me crying more than usual 😥

  5. Got ours at Rite aid locally.They haven’t given us appt. For 2nd shot. Sure hope we get it. Guess one is better than one. So ready to get out and about.

  6. We’ve gotten both shots at local Safeway. We were 1-B (over75), but got lucky finding appointments beginning and end of January.

  7. I’m just 60 and live in Vancouver,BC and as you’ve seen we are wayyy behind at 34th in the world for giving the shot…insert several swear words for our gov’t people doing a crappy job. I will run for it when ever its available to inject! I want to get out and live again but fear its months or another year away because of the scary variants now. Stay safe peeps. 🍷😷

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