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Family Day

Los Angeles, California:  Another great day with our family. We are still celebrating Dave's Birthday, so went to the Los Angeles Zoo because the ponies were not racing at Santa Anita today.

The zoo is having a special presentation of mechanized dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Unextinct, through October. For a $3 up-charge, visitors can walk through a garden filled with about a dozen life-sized moving dinosaurs - complete with sound effects and exit through the gift shop. A certain member of this family was pretty impressed.

Batman, obviously.

I ain't afraid of no Pachyrhinosaurus

Though a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a Triceratops was a bit graphic - bloody wound and all

Daddy to the rescue

There was an area where kids could "dig for dinosaur bones" and a display showing how the creatures are mechanized - complete with buttons to push that would move the head, tail and make the dinosaurs growl. Very cool.

Guess what? The kids rode the carousel! 


Lisa and I (still pooped from cooking yesterday) watched from a shady bench.

To celebrate Earth Day, the zoo held all sorts of special events this week. Leo watched a puppet show where the audience learned about how leaking lawn sprinklers waste water and how California Condors can get lead poisoning... not sure toddlers in the crowd fully grasped all the concepts. Just sayin'...

Many animals were very active today. We saw species from every continent and I photographed sheep from the Coachella Valley:

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Then it was time to go home and let Grandpa open his birthday gifts. DT received a hand-painted mug and a new carry-on bag/laptop tote/man-purse..

And, as usual, the best part of a gift is the packaging... which DT turned into a robot costume for Leo... except Lucy needed to model the new toy as well...

... which just turned into this whole situation, which I cannot, nor will not, explain.

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.