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Every Now & Then

Bisbee, Arizona:  Sorry for not updating yesterday. Not all days are good days. As Jimmy would say: I just want to live happily ever after every now and then. That guy has a song for every occasion, doesn't he?

Listen to Jimmy Buffett sing Happy Ever After
(safe and hosted by RVGoddess.com)

Catching up: after a day of rest and lovely antibiotics, DT and I are feeling much better. I have to be honest and say 73° sunshine and dry desert air is also accelerating our recovery.

Okay. Maybe our homemade dinner last night - creamy mac & cheese - helped as well.

Catching up: the LNB needed to repair our internet satellite dish is back in stock and one was over-nighted from Salt Lake City to us here in Bisbee. I had my doubts that UPS could provide over-night service to Bisbee, so was pleasantly surprised when I saw it was "on the truck and out for delivery" via the tracking number this morning. I love efficiency. (I am not going to love efficiency when I see the shipping charge.) Then the planets aligned: I found an experienced Motosat tech and we have an appointment to have the part replaced! There is still a good chance the LNB is not our problem, but there is only one way to find out - try! We are running out of options.

Receiving a UPS package in Bisbee isn't exactly the same as receiving a UPS package at home. Mid-afternoon, DT spoke with the campground hostess, Louise, and she said sometimes UPS delivers Bisbee-destined packages to the post office, instead of the street address... and the post office which is supposed to be open from 8-5 is in fact closed for approximately two hours for lunch and they often just go home anytime after 4 o'clock! Louise suggested one of us go to the US Post Office before 4 o'clock to see if we had received a UPS delivery. This is (how shall I put it?) unusual. Traveling in rural America, we have come to learn (every now and then) the unusual is usually usual.

I am happy to report the LNB was delivered to our campsite at 3 o'clock!

Louise is walking out to catch the driver just in case we were not around - she is so sweet. Of course, the UPS driver was friendly and handsome. What is it with those guys?

Other than waiting around for the UPS truck, not a lot happened today. DT had another conference call. The 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene are going to be awesome, even if DT has to lend his help from Bisbee, Arizona via cell phone. Around 5 o'clock we may have possibly walked one-block into town to visit the Old Bisbee Brewing Company. Only for research purposes, of course, as our old friend owns Indie Hops and we think the Old Bisbee Brewing Company could be a potential customer of his fabulous Oregon hops.

We do what we can to help our friends. This is a pint of Copper City Ale. Wyatt Earp liked this beer. DT did too.

Though I had all sorts of time to cook today, I prepared the RV-easy Chicken Roasted With Sour Cream, Lemon Juice And Mango Chutney by Emalee Chapman from the New York Times.

Ready for the oven

You can prepare this dish as-is from Chapman's recipe, or use (as I did tonight) low-fat yogurt to replace the mayo and sour cream. The recipe tastes the same - fatty or low-fatty. Delicious.

Tomorrow, we hit the road. Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV Park: Queen Mine RV Park - Only 25 sites, all gravel back-ins with water, sewer and 30 amp electric. Completely open, no trees to block your satellite or shade your RV. Bathhouse and laundry. Walk to town. Free wifi and cable. Quiet. Cash or check only. (Tricky entry and don't follow your GPS directions. Enter the Queen Mine Tour parking lot and proceed up the hill to the campground.) We paid $28.