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Elvis Has Left the Building

Wilsonville, Oregon:  Dave and I fetched our motorhome from her storage garage on Sunday (September 15). The Magna Peregrinus has been occasionally housed here for around ten years – a great/secure facility, with a 30 amp hook-up, but so very far from our house. Options are few and far-between for RV storage in the Portland metro area. We were lucky to get this spot, and it served us well.

We moved the motorhome to our driveway for the past four days, gradually transferring anything we will need for the next few months (or years… depending when our house sells) into the bus.

In our spare time, we have been packing anything we want to move with us to our as-yet-to-be-determined-new-house into boxes. A moving company will arrive Friday to move our belongings into a warehouse storage facility. Hopefully, someday soon, we will have them deliver our things to a new address, closer to our family than Portland.

And that is 100% what we have been doing. Packing.

We slept at Taylor Manor for the last time yesterday. DT went out to the motorhome and found two champagne flutes. We cracked a bottle of The Widow and toasted ourselves for a wonderful 25 years in our beautiful home.

I designed this house for our family, and it was constructed in 1994. At the time, DT was an executive and we entertained constantly. Lisa was a teenager, and she had a posse of friends. Plus, with so many family members nearby, our house was always busy and full.

So. Many. Parties.

Since retirement, we have spent more and more time away each year. Our house seemed larger and larger each summer when we returned from our winters away. Since the birth of our grandchildren, all we want to do is be with them!

As sad as we are to sell our beautiful home, it is time. (Or, in reality, it was time about five years ago, and we dallied too long.)

Until my next update, I remain, your trailer park correspondent.

RV PARK: Pheasant Ridge RV Park – I-5/Exit 286 in Oregon. Full service sites. Back-in and pull-throughs. Pool, spa, laundry, bath house, cable. Everything, but lots of trees, so satellite connection not guaranteed (we lucked out). We are paying $366 per week for a premium site.


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  1. We did the same thing 6 years ago. Facebook just reminded me today of our pictures. We have never looked back! Spent 14months traveling to 23 states, but always home, southern CA, for holidays, birthdays and special times. Now living 12 miles from daughter and her husband and grandsons. Living in our very downsized home complete with RV parking! As the sign in our motor home says, “Life is Good”! Enjoy and keep posting your adventures.

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