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Dinner for 3, Dinner for 4 – plus Baby Will

I am happy in front of a stove, so today I was super duper happy because I was cooking up a storm. Poor Mary had shoulder surgery the other day (she is fine, thank you very much for asking) so I volunteered to bring dinner for Mary, Steve and their eldest, Lynn. Also tonight - Kathy & Woody's grandson, Will, who was born in Portland this winter while we were away - was coming for dinner (with his parents) so I could meet him for the very first time. (DT had met Will on one of his trips home from Palm Springs.) Now three months old, Will is Kathy & Woody's first grandchild, the son of their #2 daughter, The Amazing Kari.

I made eggless egg salad from a recipe from The Kitchn, and I actually followed the recipe, except I used regular old mayo because I did not own (and do not want to own) vegan mayo. The recipe uses crumbled fresh tofu in place of eggs. DT and I both had "eggless" egg salad sandwiches for lunch and thought they were pretty dang good. The mixture became little appetizers on crostini for Mary, Steve & Lynn tonight. I also brought a tossed salad, my Turkey Lasagna (ready for the oven), a chunk of ciabatta from the baker and then I made pretty little individual blueberry tarts (and brought a little ice cream).

Now don't y'all go out and have shoulder surgery just so I will bring you a meal, okay? My Sweet Friend has three incisions in her shoulder and has to sit hooked-up to an ice machine and a machine that moves her shoulder automatically for hours a day. Not fun!

Dave and I were so excited to have Kari and Billy (and their baby who didn't eat even one thing I prepared) for dinner! DT set a pretty table and I roasted a chicken and made that oh-so-delicious Warm Potato Salad. I also served Challah, sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and blueberry tarts/ice cream for us as well. Billy loves to eat. He is rail thin. (How does this happen?) I love to cook for people who love to eat and could not have been happier to watch Billy enjoy the menu.

But I wasn't paying that much attention to anything except Will. What a cutie and he was so good and well-behaved and cooing! He just melted into my arms and was happy looking around at everything and everyone. It is so hard for me to grasp that it was just a millisecond ago the Baby Leo was 3 months old. Hard to grasp how precious every moment is with an infant, as they change and grow so rapidly. I remember how at this age/stage, every photo we took of Leo was blurry because he was constantly moving. We had the same luck with Will tonight.

Huge blue blue blue blue eyes!

This is a super blurry photo, as I was blowing on his belly and Will was laughing and squirming and squealing. Dave took 20 photos while I was tickling Will and they were all blurry because Will was going 100 mph. Look at those eyelashes! Look at that smile!

Look at My Mama smiling at us over my shoulder!

This was my usual position tonight. Kissing that kid as often as possible. Thank you, Billy & Kari for bringing your boy up to Taylor Manor tonight. I had a much-needed "baby fix" and am completely in love with your son. Will lives only 5 miles from us and I am often available (summer) days for babysitting and I have recent experience. What this world needs is a Bubbe Babysitting Brigade. (Just checked; the url is available.) I could make millions!

Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom correspondent.