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Derby Day

Los Angeles, California:  After saying goodbye to the last remaining members of our posse leaving for the season, and Cinco de Mayo tacos at Tacos Gonzalez, Dave and I left the 107° Coachella Valley and drove the Jeep two hours to 77° Los Angeles. That is a very serious temperature change. The further shock our senses? It was drizzling in Los Angeles.

Dave and I stayed-up late Friday watching a fascinating race from Italy (on my laptop). NIKE had gathered a crew of scientists, physicians, trainers, shoe designers, apparel designers and engineers. They then found three perfect racers to find if a human male could run a marathon (26.2 miles) in less than two hours. (Most men's marathons these days are finished in four-to-six minutes over two hours, with the fastest-ever race won by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya in 2:02.57 at the 2014 Berlin Marathon.)

Breaking2 was not an actual race, but more like a science experiment. Because the three runners were aided with a pace car, and a squad of six wind-drafting pace-setters to keep the tempo, the results could never be sanctioned as a world record. The three racers were all very famous and respected distance men: Eliud Kipchoge (32, Kenyan, 2016 Rio Olympic Marathon gold medalist), Zersenay Tadese (36, from Eritrea, known as a half-marathoner) and Lelisa Desisa (27, Ethiopian, silver medalist in the 2013 World Championship marathon). NIKE tested a score of distance men and these three tested as the most efficient racers and they were willing to give nearly two years of their careers to train for the attempt.

The race was conduced on a Formula One racetrack outside Milan (perfect elevation and temperature) and the result was 2 hours and 25 seconds (by the Kenyan, Kipchoge). So, no, it was not possible on that day for a man to run 26.2 miles in less than two hours... but I think most people could conclude from the result that this goal IS reachable and that it will happen sooner than later... and hopefully during a marathon race, not a test lab.

You can watch the race here.. The "Up Close and Personal" videos are fascinating. 

This morning, the grandkids woke early and woke us by jumping around in our bed. I took Lucy into the kitchen for breakfast. She wanted a waffle with chocolate chips. I convinced her an organic oatmeal-raisin cookie (Bubbe baked) would be a better dietary option and she agreed. Cookies for breakfast! Lucy wanted to check the emails on her laptop.

I'm captioning these photos with (right) Lucy looking at a ridiculous Facebook video,
and (left) My stocks aren't doing very well.

Of course, a 2 year old child does not receive emails. Lucy can't read. She can't write. She does not have a laptop. But Mary and Captain Jim sent us to Los Angeles yesterday with their granddaughter's outgrown pink LeapFrog LeapTop toy laptop for preschoolers. Lucy is completely fascinated with the learning games! Thank you, Mary and Captain Jim!

There isn't too much time to surf the web in this house on Saturday morning. Ballet class for Lucy. Leo has piano/music classes. Today Leo's class was singing in a recital at his music school.

Leo received a medal after the performance. His choir sang the Friend song from the Toy Story movie by Randy Newman. You Go, Leo!

After Leo's fine show and a little napping-action from a Little Princess, we set out to Arcadia, California for an afternoon of wholesome family activity: betting on the ponies at Santa Anita Racetrack. We had literally found our seats before Lisa placed a $20 bet to win and collected $224 dollars! Lenny and DT won races today as well with similar pay-outs. Such fun. I placed only one bet. It was $20-to-win on the Kentucky Derby (aired live on the big screen at Santa Anita). My pick came in 11th.

Oh well. I really enjoyed my mint julep.

Lisa and Leo cheer as her horse wins

Derby Day at Santa Anita

Yes, we were bundled-up a bit in the 65-degree weather. The clouds were threatening all day, but our seats were under cover and we had drizzle at-best.

Back home with tired kids. Fed and put to bed. The adults had delivered Thai food and then we all went to bed.

Except for Your Favorite Blogger. As I finish this post, the rain is pouring down outside.

Until my next update, I remain, your minty correspondent.