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Deja vu All Over Again

Corning, California: I don't know about you, but this driving down and up and down and up and down and up I-5 is getting a little tiring. Dare I say it? Boring? I am happy to say, we will not be returning north for many months and hopefully I can convince My Driver to take an alternate route home this spring.

Overnight, the weather in Eugene was freezing again. 21° recorded on our weather station. Warm and toasty inside the RV, but too cold for me to run. Again.


It was so cold, we had to delay our start this morning by 30 minutes. Our pace was carefully planned this morning - between text messages with our Oregon State Police trooper friend in Ashland, Oregon - to reach the mountain passes after the black ice had melted.

Turns out the pass was no trouble at all and we only stopped twice all day. Once for fuel in Canyonville (there goes $400 I will never see again) and again at the same vista point over-looking Mt. Shasta that we stopped in the last trip.

Very strange that there is so little snow on Mt. Shasta in December.

Isn't our motorhome so pretty?

Lake Shasta, looking east, is very full.

Lake Shasta, looking west (into the sun through a window with a mirrored surface) looks all pink and funky.

Pretty sunset reflected on the Magna Peregrinus

We stopped (again!) at the Rolling Hills Casino RV Park. No, we don't come here to gamble. We hardly ever go into the (smoky) casino. We like this place because it has full hook-up 50 amp service and it is self-check-in, using the same kiosk you would find at a parking garage: stick your credit card in the slot and out pops a "parking ticket", good until noon tomorrow. I love this concept and if I was a young smart entrepreneur, would open a nation-wide chain of just such campgrounds. No bathhouse. No laundry. Just a pull-over spot for over night travelers. $25 bucks.

So, do y'all remember that low-fat lasagna recipe I was working on during our last trip up/down I-5? When I said maybe it needed a little something "more"? Maybe artichoke hearts? Well, I was right! Tonight's version is a keeper.

Using the nutritional information on the products I used in this recipe, it calculates out to only 255 calories per serving - with a nearly unnoticeable 12 milligrams of cholesterol! It also took me all of 12 minutes to put it together.

Well... let's just say the lasagna is 255 calories if the lasagna were to serve 6 people. We are trenchermen and each consumed a quarter of the lasagna at a whopping 382 calories. OINK.

We are going to have a little bit of fun over the next two days, so check-back. Until my next update, I remain, your low-fat correspondent.

RV Park: Rolling Hills Casino RV Park - Simple self-check-in behind the tribal casino. Full-service 30/50 amp sites. Gravel pull-throughs. No cable. No bath house. No laundry. (Though these services are available at the adjacent truck stop if you are willing to go in there.) Casino has a hotel, several restaurants and bars. Golf course next door. We paid $25.